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Irish Cycling Results And News

March 1999

News Flashes

Tuesday, March 2nd---I have uploaded some pictures onto the site. To see them, go to the The Images Page. No news, however, in Irish cycling, except that I've done about 21 miles this year so far, so U-16's beware.

Friday, March 5th---The Blarney CC has disbanded, bringing about the cancellation of the Kiely Cup, which was to be held on March 14th. This is sad news, as Blarney were a great cycling team, and always helped others, more than I can say for several not named clubs about the country.
Today also sees the start of the Tour of Egypt. To see info and results go to The Irish Abroad Page.
Below are the races that are on in Ireland this weekend:

Date: Event: Distance: Region:
Sat 6th LCF League Race --- S1,S2,J,V,L 80 km LCF
Sat 6th Annaclone Handicap Road Race --- S1,S2,J,V,L 70km Ulster
Sun 7th Traders Cup --- S1,S2,J,V,L 100km Dundalk
Sun 7th Ken O'Keefe Memorial --- S1,S2,J,V,L 80 km Cork
Sun 7th Newbridge Credit Union CC GP --- S1,S2,J,V,L 10 km/lap Cork

As far as I know, all the above info is correct. If not, I apologise in advance.

Sunday, March 7th---I have got no results from Egypt as of yet, but I'm still holding out. Below are the results of the races held this weekend, both today and yesterday.

Annaclone Handicap Road Race
1. D. Easton Maryland Wheelers
2. M. Short Newry Wheelers
3. D. Finnegan Navan RC
4. M. Briggs Maryland Wheelers
5. S. McCreevy Clann Eireann
6. P. Mulligan Omagh Wheelers
Juniors D. Elwood Cyprus CC
Vets J. Smith Omagh Wheelers
LCF League Race
1. S. Whelan J. McNally, Swords CC
2. S. Lally J. McNally, Swords CC
3. S. Prendergast Usher IRC
4. A. O'Carroll Bray Wheelers
5. C. Bracken Usher IRC
6. D. Peelo Sorento
S2 J. Nolan Navan RC
Ladies L. Manning unattached
Juniors A. O'Carroll Bray Wheelers
Vets S. Lally J. McNally, Swords CC

Traders Cup
1. B. Doherty VC Glendale
2. A. Martin Ards CC
3. D. Finnegan Navan CC
4. D. Easton Maryland Wheelers
5. R. Blaney Ards CC
6. S. Bingham Clarke Contractors
Ladies S. O'Meara Dublin Wheelers
Juniors C. Murphy Mc'Kenna Fireplaces
Vets B. Holmes VC Glendale
Ken O'Keefe Memorial RR
1. Eddie O'Donoghue Cidona
2. J. Blackwell Killorglin
3. B. Quinn O' Mearas Limerick
4. E. Crowley TSB Midleton
5. David Lynch Kanturk CU
6. Dennis Lynch Kanturk CU
S2 D. Kinnelly Dungannon
Juniors P. Aherne Safari
Vets S. McElroy Cidona
Newbridge Credit Union GP
1. C. Bracken Usher IRC
2. S. O'Sullivan Bray Whlrs
3. S. Bracken Usher IRC
4. A. Hederman Dan Morrissey
5. P. Healion Usher IRC
6. P. Baker Usher IRC
S2 J. Peppard J. McNally, Swords CC
Juniors A. O'Carroll Bray Wheelers

Monday, March 8th---I have got some of the results from the Tour of Egypt. They are to be found on the Irish Abroad Page. No other news at the moment. There is just no scandal at all. No big fights or anything. I'll have to work on the lads for that.

Tuesday, March 9th---I don't know will I get anymore results from Egypt until the race itself is over. It is turning into a bit of a fiasco. Apparently in the time trial there were no road markings, there was traffic on the road and there is no photo finish on the road stages. Hence Moriarty and McNena getting joint 7th on Stage two. It's hard to see how it earned a 2.5 ranking off the UCI. The Irish riders said it's worse than the League Races here in Ireland, which as you all know is not a great compliment. Fitzgerald is the second Irish rider to pull out through illness, the other being Duff. Could it be that Tutankhamen has put a curse on their great grandad's ?
This weekend races are (not definitely):

Date: Event: Distance: Region:
Sat 13th Bangor Handicap Road Race --- S1,S2,J,V,L 85 km Ulster
Sat 13th Intervarsity Championships n/a Waterford I.T.
Sat 13th LCF League Race --- S1,S2,J,V,L 10 / 7km Kilcullen, Kildare
Sun 14th Connor Coombes Memorial --- S1,S2,J,V,L,U/Age ?? Drogheda
Sun 14th Phoenix GP 8 / 13km Mase, Lisburn

Thursday, March 11th---It would appear that I was wrong about Michael Fitzgerald pulling out of the Tour of Egypt. Apologies there. For the latest results, click here. Also, it is RUMOURED , not definite, that Mark Scanlon will be on the Amateur Rabobank team for the Amateur Ghent-Wevelghem to be held this weekend. Apparently, David O'Loughlin is RUMOURED to be joining the same team as Morgan Fox, in Holland.

Thursday, March 11th---1998 Rás champion, Ciaran Power, has won the seventh stage of the Tour of Egypt. I have no other details but if I get them, they'll be on-line before you know it.

Saturday, March 13th---In today's races, Ross Blaney of Ards CC won the Bangor Handicap Road Race, while D. McVeigh of Dan Morrissey won the LCF League Race, held in Kilcullen.

Bangor Handicap Road Race
1. Ross Blaney Ards CC 1:56:32
2. D. Easton Maryland Wheelers same time
3. M. Briggs Maryland Wheelers same time
4. M. Shortt Newry Wheelers same time
5. P. Keddis Dave Kane same time
6. Tommy Evans Clarke Laser same time

LCF League Race, Kilcullen
1. D. McVeigh Dan Morrissey 1:56:32
2. Ray Clarke Clarke Laser @ 0:10
3. S. Whelan J. McNally / Swords CC same time
4. S. Bracken Usher IRC same time
5. P. Butler Clarke Laser same time
6. K. Conlon Kildare same time
Vet. K. Gallagher Garda same time
Jun. A. O'Carroll Bray Wheelers same time

Intervarsities - Overall
1. E. O'Donoghue W.I.T.
2. D. Lane UCD
3. J. Lally D.I.T.

Sunday, March 14th---B. Kenneally, of Carrick - Cidona, won the Commbes / Connor Memorial held today in Drogheda, while N. Campbell, unattached, won the Phoenix GP this afternoon.

Connor / Commbes Memorial
1. B. Kenneally Carrick - Cidona
2. T. Evans Clarke Laser
3. R. Blaney Ards CC
4. A. Hederman Dan Morrissey
5. R. Clarke Clarke Laser
6. E. O'Donoghue Carrick - Cidona
1st B. K. Conlon Kildare
Jun. G. Stapleton Usher IRC
U-16 P. O'Brien Kanturk CU
U-14 P. Brady McKenna
U-12 A. Armstrong Northern

Phoenix GP
1. N. Campbell unattached
2. E. Crory Newry Haldane
3. A. Cranston East Antrim
4. T. McConville Apollo RC
5. C. Shortt Newry Haldane
6. P. Kiddis Dave Kane
Jun. O. Jeffreyor Toyota
Vet. J. Cole Phoenix

Wednesday, March 17th---Karl Donnelly won the Carrick Challenge Cup, S., Connaughton won the Dublin - Drogheda and G. Crofton won the Downpatrick Handicap Road Race. Also, these results were corrected on the 18th, as I rushed them originally.

Carrick Challenge Cup
1. K. Donnelly Dan Morrissey
2. C. Power Comeragh CC
3. M. Fitzgerald unattached
4. A. Hederman Dan Morrissey
5. E. O'Donoghue Cidona-Carrick
6. A. Meehan Dan Morrissey

Downpatrick Challenge Cup
1. G. Crofton East Antrim
2. P. Kennedy East Antrim
3. J. Bann Lavery Clann Eireann
4. A. Cranston East Antrim
5. B. Mullen Orchard CC
6. B. Holmes Slane Cycles

Dublin - Drogheda
1. S. Connaughton Cycleways CC
2. O. McQuaid Mc'Quaid Cycles
3. P. Reade Finglas Ravens
4. M. Keegan St. Tiernans
5. G. Stapleton Usher IRC
L L. Manning unattached
V O. McQuaid Mc'Quaid Cycles
J G. Stapleton Usher IRC

Thursday, March 18th--- Yesterday's race in Partry was won by Frank Barrett, with Simon Kelly in second position. Both riders are with Thermo King.
The Connaught Cycling Federation is sending a three man team to the Archer GP, on the 11th of April. The three are: Frank Barrett, Simon Kelly and Dave O'Loughlin.

Friday, March 19th---Mark Scanlon finished in the peleton at the Amateurs Gent-Wevelgem, held in Belgium last weekend. His next outing is at Mol, next week.
Pat Mc'Quaid has said that he will shorten the Junior Tour to 5 days. He feels that it is too long. But the race itself cannot go ahead without a main sponsor, which, as I reported last month, he is having difficulty in getting.
Also, the ICF has been invited to send two U-16 riders (i.e. born in 1983/4) to the European Youth Olympics in Denmark in July. There are three events - a Road Race, a Crit, and a Time Trial. 5 races have been selected as qualifying races, with points allocated in the 100, 97, 95..... format. The final total is taken from the riders best four. The first two shall qualify as part of the Irish Olympic Squad. The next 2 riders will take up positions as reserves. The qualifying races are:

Sun 21st March O'Sullivan MemorialKanturk
Sunday 25th April Tommy Sheehan MemorialCarrick-on-Suir
Sunday 9th May Tour of Galway Galway
Sunday 23rd May Emyvale Grand Prix Emyvale
Sunday 30th May Kevin McInerny Memorial Dunlavin

At the last ICF Board meeting, it was decide to lower the amount of points needed to become a Senior A from B. 15 points are now needed to bridge the gap, as oppossed to the older 25, and it is hoped that more riders will hold a Senior A Licence (6 points are rewarded for a race win).
The races to be held this weekend are:

Date:Event + Cat:Distance: Venue:
Sat 20th Tour of Ards - S1,S2 100km Newtownards
Sat 20th LCF League Race - S1,S2,J,V,L 90km Boot Inn
Sun 21st Sligo GP - S1,S2,J,V,L 100km Sligo
Sun 21st O'Sullivan Memorial RR - S1,S2,J,V,L 100km Kanturk
Sun 21st Jim Mc'Quaid Memorial RR - S1,S2,J,V,L 80km Phoenix Park

Sunday, March 21st---I have set up a discussion board, which can be used by all you readers to promote your ideas and views on Irish cycling. I would appreciate it if you would not use derrogatory terms when speaking of fellow riders and officials. To get to it, click here.
Here are all the results from this weekends races, including Saturday's. However, the LCF League Race planned for Saturday 20th, was postponed because not enough officials turned up to marshall the course.

Tour Of Ards RR
1. B. Doherty Glendale 2:18:27
2. T. Evans Clarke Laser "
3. P. Geddis Northern "
4. D. Easton Maryland Wheelers "
5. C. Greene Clann Eireann "
6. G. Cranson Northern "

Jim Mc'Quaid Memorial RR
1. Ray Clarke Clarke Laser 2:03:06
2. S. O'Sullivan Bray Wheelers "
3. C. Bracken Usher IRC @ 0:38
4. A. Hederman Dan Morrissey "
5. D. McVeigh Dan Morrissey "
6. P. Cassidy Navan RC "
1st B A. Moran Finglas Ravens "
J. G. Stapleton Usher IRC "
V. O. McQuaid McQuiad Cycles "
L. L. Manning unattached "

First Active Sligo GP
1. Simon Kelly Thermo King 2:31:20
2. Stephen Gallagher Orchard Wheelers @ 0:45
3. E. Crory Newry Haldane "
4. Frank Barrett Thermo King "
5. Dessie Foley Sligo CC "
6. T. Brady Cuchullain "
1st B E. Sweeney Fourmasters
J. GB. O'Brien Clarke Contractors
V. D. Woods Annagh Wheelers

O'Sullivan Memorial RR
1. Ciaran Power Comeragh CC
2. Eddie O'Donoghue Cidona-Carrick
3. B. Quinn O'Meara's Limerick
4. B. Kenneally Cidona-Carrick
5. Alan Crowley TSB Midleton
6. J. Blackwell Killorglin
1st B J. Mannix Killarney CC
J. Willie Curtin Kanturk CU
V. S. Mc'Elroy Cidona-Carrick
U-16 Paidi O'Brien Kanturk CU
U-14 E. Corcoran Kanturk CU
U-12 G. Turrain Blackwater CC

Saturday, March 27th---The Irish team for the Archer GP on April 11th has been selected. It is :

For any more info on the Archer Grand Prix, click here.

Monday, March 29th--- Full results of this weekends races are here. Ciaran Power won the Des O'Hanlon Memorial, Brian Quinn won Rás Luimní, and L Jones won the TQ Paper Ladies 2-Day.

Des O'Hanlon Memorial
1. Ciaran Power Comeragh CC 3:13:07
2. Ray Clarke Clarke Contractors "
3. Karl Donnelly Dan Morrissey @ 1 sec
4. E. O'Donoghue Cidona-Carrick @ 11 sec
5. A. Hederman Dan Morrissey "
6. P. Cassisy Navan RC "
7. D. McQuaid UCD "
8. A. Duff unattached "
9. P. Moriarty Les Jeunes "
10. P. Butler Clarke Contractors "

Des O'Hanlon Memorial - 2nd Cats
1. T. Brady Cuchullain
1. J. Fenelon Dan Morrissey
1. C. Sweetman Stamullen
1. D. Lane UCD
1. E. Rogers Benn Orwell
6. S. Connaughton Cycleways
1. Jonathon Kelly Thermo King
2. Michael McDonagh Thermo King
3. A. O'Carroll Bray
4. T. Lavery Finglas Ravens
5. G. Stapleton Usher IRC
6. N. Moloney Finglas Ravens

TQ Paper Ladies 2 Day - Final GC
1. L. Jones Team Rudy Project 3:34:39
2. E. Davis Scottish Life @ 1 sec
3. S. Carter British WCRA @ 11 sec
4. F. Newstead unattached @ 12 sec
5. C. Cook British WCRA @ 14 sec
6. J. Freeman British WCRA "

Rás Luimní
1. B. Quinn O'Mara's
2. T. Shanahan O'Mara's
3. R. Cahill Banteer
4. P. Marrey Western Lakes
5. C. McMahon O'Mara's
6. D. Twomey Banteer
1. Daniel Lynch Kanturk
2. Dennis Lynch Kanturk
3. P. Aherne Duhallow

John Haldane Memorial RR
1. O. McQuaid Emerald
2. P. Mulligan Omagh
3. N. Campbell unattached
4. T. McConville Apollo
5. P. Smith Maryland
6. B. Holmes Slane Cycles
2nd Cat G. Cranston East Antrim
Vet A. Cranston East Antrim
Jun B. O'Brien Clarke Contractors


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