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Irish Cycling Images Page

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Tour de France, Cork - 1998 Here, we have ourselves a part of the site with loads of pictures of Irish cyclists on the bike, off the bike and then others with some sort of a cycling relavance, such as this one to the right. All pictures, unless otherwise stated, are the copyright of Ruth Murphy. Feel free to use them, as long as you credit them appropiately. Alot are not exactly great quality, but that's the photographer's fault, not mine. : ) Seriously though, you can only blame the scanner for so much. If you want to contact the afore mentioned click-aholic, e-mail me at the usual address, and I'll see what I can do. Anyhow, here are the pictures in thumbnail format. To view one full size, click on the image and the full size one will come up. Due to the fact that these images are slow loading, I have them divided into several pages, to make viewing easier.

Adults having fun on the Tour, Cork - 1998       Le Tour en Irlande, Cork - 1998
Le Tour en Irlande, Cork - 1998       Adults having fun on the Tour #2, Cork - 1998

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