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The fourth stage was a 209 km road stage from Bristol to Swansea. It was a tough enough route, and the peleton were well over 8 minutes down on various groups throughout the stage, until near the end, when after being all together, it broke up again. Power finished 16th, moving him up to a very respectable 22nd overall. The others that remain finished, except for Quinn, who found the tough stage just too tough to finish.

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1. Raimondas Rumsas Mroz 4h39'10"
2. Jens Voigt Credit Agricole @ 06"
16. Ciaran Power Ireland @ 31"
82. Michael McNena Ireland @ 16'54"
84. Michael Fitzgerald Ireland @ 20'30"
DNF. Padraig Quinn Ireland n/a
Overall G.C.
1. Benoit Joachim US Postal 15h14'45"
2. Marc Wauters Rabobank @ 02"
22. Ciaran Power Ireland @ 05'10"
81. Michael Fitzgerald Ireland @ 41'18"
91. Michael McNena Ireland @ 1h08'15"

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