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Results, News And Calendar

Welcome to the results page. Here, hopefully, is where I will have an at least weekly results from the world of cycling, in Ireland. Click on the appropriate link to see either results and news, or else the calender for that month. All of the information on these following pages, except the calender, will have been posted on my e-mail newsletter. To subscribe, go back to the main page and follow the instructions there. If you have any news or results that I have not got up, please e-mail me at

Results and News Racing Calender
January 1999 July 1999 No January Calender July Calender
February 1999 August 1999 February Calender August Calender
March 1999 September 1999 March Calender September Calender
April 1999 October 1999 April Calender October Calender
May 1999 November 1999 May Calender No November Calender
June 1999 December 1999 June Calender December Calender

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