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Photos of PD100AP are more bright than TRV900E

What do you think??????

PD100AP All photos are set in auto mode

Superfine 640X480.Record direct

in memory card

TRV900E All photos are set in auto mode

Superfine 640X480 Record direct in

memory card



I feel PD100 quality is higher than TRV900,viewfinder,LCD display,lens,coating,component, CCD(have no dead dot) seem to be choose the first grade component to used ,and also the wide angle is perfect,bright and no distortion,Zoom to 12X can also in focus.

TRV900 and PD100 image quality are closely,without big different.

I used TRV900E to record video and play from PD100P is work(If TRV900E used LP to record video,that PD100P can not play back)

I used PD100P to record video and play from TRV900E is STILL WORK!.(PD100P record speed is much faster than TRV900)That means TRV900E can play DVCAM format !! .but it is TRUE.


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