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News for 2001:
Sony new DV@Video Walkman.Model GV-D1000.4"LCD display.Memory stick socket.DV in/out.USB connector for transfer video and photos to computer.SVHS in/out.Video and Audio in/out.Ilink.Power consumption 3.5W/5.2W(LCD display on/off at play mode).3.3W/5W(LCD display on/off at record mode).Size 148X65X133mm.Weight 880g.Available in Japan at 1/Feb/2002.More informaion(Japan)
Sony new professional DVCAM camcorder.Model DSR-570WSL.--2/3" X3 PowercHad WS CCD (520,000 pixels).Shutter speed-OFF - 1/2000 seconds (6 stages).White balance-OFF - 1/2000 seconds (6 stages).S/N ratio-63dB.View finder-1.5"(monochrome).Input/output terminal-DC input XLR (4 pins), DC output (4 pins), TC input/output BNC Synchronous video input BNC, microphone input XLR (3 pins) External audio (1,2CH) input XLR DV output (6 pins) Video output BNC and monitor output BNC Audio (1,2CH) output RCA pin S video output DIN (4 pins).Power source-DC 12v (11v - 17v).power consumption-24/26.1W.Weight-3.7kg.Size-21×192×280mm.
Another New DVCAM Model DSR-370.--1/2" X3 PowercHad CCD(410,000 pixels).specification close to DSR-570WSL.
Both Model can use attachment lens: VCL-719BX(F = 6.7 - 127mm.Filter diameter 82mm.19X zoom. F1.4 - F16, and close.)or VCL-716BX(F = 7.3 - 117mm.Filter diameter 82mm.16X zoom.F1.9 - F16, and close).Available in Japan at January of 2002.More information(Japan).

JVC new mini DV camcorder.Model GR-DV3000.---1/3.6" 1.33 mega pixels(video effective 690,000 pixels,photos effective1.25 mega pixels)CCD.10X optical zoom.F1.2(52mm~520mm).LCD display 3.5"(200,000 pixels).0.44" viewfinder(113,000 pixels).SD memory card photo storage,photos resolution 1600X1200,1280X960,1024X768,640X480.Power consumption 4.3W/5.4W. Size 76X90X194mm.Weight 660g.DV in/ in/out.USB connector....Available in Japan at first of Nov.More information(Japan).
JVC has introduced a new sibling to its DV Professional line: the GY-DV300.The camera section has 3 1/3" CCD's, with 440,000 pixels each.14x optical zoom lens.More information from Frank)
Mock-up picture:

Canon new Mini DV camcorder .Model IXY DV2.1/4" 680,000(effective 360,000)pixels.10X optical zoom.F1.6(f=44.7~447mm).Min light sensitive 7.5 lux.200.000 pixels 2.5"LCD display.113,000 pixels 0.44" viewfinder.Electronic shutter 1/30~1/2000.SD memory card for photos storage,photos resolution 640X480.Image Stabilizer.Treble record time.SVHS in/out.Video and Audio in/out.DV in/out.Power consumption 4.4W/5.4W.Size 48X106X86mm.Weight 390g.Available in Japan mid of Sep/2001.More information(Japan)
Sony new MiniDV camcorder.Model DCR-PC120.---1/4" 1.55mega pixel(effective 970,000 video,1.39mega photo)CCD.10X optical zoom.F1.8~2.2(f=40~400mm).Min light sensitive 15 lux.Lens diameter 37mm.210.000 pixels 2.5"LCD display.180,000 pixels viewfinder.Electronic shutter 1/4~1/4000.nightshot resolution 1360X1020,640X480.mpeg1 160X112/320X240.Power consumption 3.8/4.4W.Size 57X118X113mm.Weight 580g.Available in Japan 10/9/2001.More information(Japan).
Sony Europe has announced the introduction of a new generation of digital camcorders that employ a revolutionary recording format called 'MICROMV'. The camera is really cool looking and hightech. Standard features in the range include Super Steady Shot, unique access to Carl Zeiss lenses, a 120x digital zoom (10x optical zoom) capability, 180,000 pixel Precision Viewfinder and a Progressive Shutter System providing high quality image capture in any conditions.MPEG2 recording.The camcorders integrate a 2.5-inch 210,000 pixel LCD monitor with a playback zoom facility for instantaneous, high quality playback of material. For PC connection, both camcorders feature an i.LINK (MICROMV IN/OUT) with cable supplied. An associated analogue in/out lets you import material from other sources, incl. movie archives.More information(Europe).and here(Japan)
Panasonic new design DV mini camcorder,Model NV-EX21.Can be seperate as a digital camera .Digital camera part using SD memory card for storing photos, Mpeg4 video and voice..combine mechanical and battery part as a DV camcorder...1020000 pixels( still picture 840000 pixel, animated picture 410000 pixel)CCD.Photos resolution 1200X900,640X480.Mpeg4 176X144.Leica lens.10X optical zoom.F1.8.LCD display 2.5"(200,000 pixels).Color view finder(113,000 pixles).Lens diameter 37mm.Min light sensitive 12 lux.SVHS in/out.Video and Audio in/out.DV in/out.Power consumption 4.6W/5.5W.Size 50X115X106mm.Weight 490g.Available in Japan 1/9/2001.More information(Japan)
Canon New mini DV camcorder-Model PV130.1/3.6" 1.35mega pixel CCD(effective photo 1.25mega pixel,video 690,000 pixel).Optical Image Stabilizer.Treble record time.10X optical zoom(48~480mm,F1.6).2.5"(200,000 pixel)LCD display.0.55"(113,000 pixel) viewfinder.Min light sensitive 3 lux.Photos resolution 1280X960,640X480.built-in flash.SD memory card for photos storage.Lens diameter 43mm.SVHS in/out.Video and Audio in/out.DV in/out.Power consumption 4.7W/5.7W.Size 66X131X129mm.Weight 660g.Available in Japan at end of Aug/2001.Mark price 220,000 Yen.More information(Japan).
Panasonic two new DV camcorder.Model NV-MX2500 (3CCD). 410,000(effective 380,000)X3 CCD.Photos resolution(1.68 mega pixels)1488X1128,640X480 and (MPEG4 176X144).10X optical zoom(F1.6,f=2.85~28.5mm).3.5"(200,000 pixels)LCD display.113,000 pixels view finder.Lens diameter 43mm.Min light sensitive 15 lux.Power consumption 4.5W/5.4W.SVHS in/out.Audio in/out.USB interface.DV in/out.Size 72X94X207.Weight 710g.Available in Japan 1/9/2001
Model NV-MX1000 :1,020,000(effective 710,000)pixels CCD.Photos resolution(960,000)1280X960,640X480 and (MPEG4 176X144).10X optical zoom(F1.6,f=2.85~28.5mm).3.5"(200,000 pixels)LCD display.113,000 pixels view finder.Lens diameter 43mm.Min light sensitive 12 lux.Power consumption 3.9W/4.8W.SVHS in/out.Audio in/out.USB interface.DV in/out.Size 76X87X199.Weight 640g.Available in Japan 1/8/2001.More information Both Model(Japan).

Canon New 3CCD Model XL1S:-1/3" 270,000(effective 250,000)pixels X3 CCD.New in XL1S feature:Custom pre-setting :hue,sharpness,color gain.Gain control :Setting of 7 stages from -3dB up to +30dB.White balance:automatic,indoor,outdoor(TTL64 divided white extraction system full automatic white balance,Automatic, set (3 positions), pre-setting (5600K and 3200K)Adjustment range: 2800k - 8000k).Clearing scan.Interval video recording .Color bar.Zebra pattern.16:9 guideline indications.Characters on screen record.Information indication inside finder.Custom key.Power saving.Index record.DV control.Postrecording /AV insertion function.Analog input.Lens exchange system(video lens 16× zoom XL5.5-88mmcIs lens 3× zoom XL3.4-10.2mm.manual video lens 16× zoom XL5.4-86.4mm .Ef adapter for all Canon camera lens).Min light sensitive 2 lux.Shutter speed 1/8~1/15000.0.7" 180,000 pixels color view finder.SVHS in/output.Video in/output.DV in/out.Audio in/out.Mic in/DC(5V) output.Power consumption 8.7W.Size 223X214X415.Weight 1700g(body).Price 470,000 Yen.More information(Japan).

Sharp new Mini DV camcorder,Model VL-NZ10---1/4" 680,000 pixels CCD(effective 340,000 pixels).10X optical zoom F1.8(f=3.6~36mm/41~410mm)Min 9lux light sensitive.3" 123,200pixels LCD display.Power consumption 4.4W.Audio in/out.DV in/out.output jack connect to computer.SD Memory card for photos storage.Size 55X85X133mm,Weight 450g.Available 8/8/2001.price 138,000 Yens.More information(Japan)

Panasonic new 3CCD DV camera recorder series " DV-PROVIEW " for business new product .Model AG-DVC15.--1/4" IT CCD(270,000 pixels)X3.12X Zoom F1.6 (f=4~48mm).Lens diameter 43mm.Min lux 5 lux.Optical filter 1/8 ND.Electronic shutter 6 stage of 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000 and 1/2000 .DV (I.LINK) input/output:IEEE1394 4p×1 .VIDEO OUT: RCA pin ×1 .S video out ,Mic in/out.power consumption 10.8W/9.2W.Weight 2.3kg.Available 20/Sep/2001.Price 430,000 Yens.More information(Japan)

Matsushita Digital photos pocket.Model LK-RFH33UZ .can interface CompactFlash Card,SmartMedia,SD Memory Card,MMC(MultiMedia Card),Memory Stick,Microdrive,PCMCIA TYPEI/II FLASH-ATA Card.On board slot PCMCIA 2.1/JEIDA Ver4.2 TYPEII and Super disk drive( can read/write 240M/120M.super disk.2HD 1.44M disk,FD32M disk,2DD 720k disk).Super disk drive can backup your memory card photos.and also can through USB interface to download your photos to computer.Digital photos pocket have video output for connect TV for photos watching:-- Electric source -AC adaptor .power consumption 9W(operation).0.6W(standby).Size 111 (width) ×40 (height) ×167 (depth) mm..Weight 500g.Available 1/8/2001.More information(Japan)
Panasonic new DVD RAM Video recorder(Model DMR-E20).video recording time longest approximately 12 hours (at the time of both sides 9. 4GB disk use).Can Playback DVD video ,music CD ,video CD, RW is possible. System:NTSC. Record format:DVD(Mpeg2) DVD Ram/DVD-R.Media:4.7GB/9.4GB DVD Ram disk or 4.7GB DVD-R disk.Max record time 12 hours(9.4GB disk) and 6 hours(4.7GB disk).Playback :DVD video,vcd,cd-da,cd-r,cd-rw.Source Input SVHS X1.RCA X1.Output SVHS X2.RCA X2.Audio in/out.Digital audio out.Size430X351X120mm.Weight 6.1kg.Power consumption 3.3W.Available 1/july/2001.Price 135,000 Yen.More information(Japan)
Canon low cost DV camcorder kit.Model FV100 KIT.Wireless remote control WL-D74, stereo video cable STV-250CN, S video cable S-150 and AC adapter CA-560, Battery pack BP-512, shoulder strap SS-700 is included. --1/4"CCD 460,000 pixels(effective 290,000 pixels).10X optical zoom,F1.8(48~480mm).Min 2.5 lux light sensitive. Electronic shutter 1/15~1/8000. 2.5"(112,000 pixels)LCD display.0.44"(113,000 pixels)viewfinder.DV input/output.S input/output.Power consumption 3.3W/4.2W.Size 57 X102X134mm.Weight 540g.Available Mid of June 2001.More information(Japan).
Panasonic new mini camcorder.Model NV-DS88K.680,000 pixels (effective 340,000)CCD.12X optical zoom.3" 112,000 pixels LCD display.113,000 pixels viewfinder.Lens diameter 30.5mm.Min 12 lux light sensitive.Memory stick for photos(640X480)storage.Power consumption 3.3W/4.1W.Size 69X89X154mm.Weight 550g.Available 1/7/2001.More information(Japan)
Sony new small Mini DV camcorder DCR-PC9.low power consumption.Max operating time 670 minutes(NP-QM91 when used)--1/4"680k pixels(effective 340,000) CCD.10X optical zoom.F1.7~F2.2(42~420mm).Lens diameter 30mm.Shutter speed 1/4~1/4000.Min 11 lux light sensitive.Night shot.Memory stick for photos(640X480) and Mpeg1(160X112,320X240) storage.180,000 pixels view finder.2.5" 210,000 pixels LCD display.Power consumption 2.7W/3.5W.Size 58X104X97mm.Weight 490g.DV in/ in/out.USB connector..Available 10/6/2001.More information(Japan).

Sony professional DVCAM VTR Editor.Model DSR-70A. DSR-70A is a portable,compact and lightweight design.Featuring a 6.3-inch diagonal built-in LCD monitor, it is perfect for field use. Spec:Rec/PB Mode: DVCAM/DV .Audio Rec Mode: 48KHz 16 bit 2ch, 32kHz 12 bit 4ch, auto (DV IN).Audio PB Mode : 48KHz 16 bit 2ch, 32kHz 12 bit 4ch, 32kHz 16 bit 2ch, 44.1KHz 16 bit 2ch (automatically selected) .Time Code IN/OUT .INPUT/OUTPUT Terminals : Video IN (Composite) BNC x 1S Video IN mini DIN x 1 Audio IN XLR x 4 .Camera IN (26-pin)(Composite/Component) x 1 Reference IN (Same terminal as Video IN) Video OUT 1 (Composite) BNC x 1 Video OUT 2 (Composite) BNC x 1 .S Video OUT mini DIN x 1 Component OUT BNC x 3Audio OUT RCA x 4 Audio OUT (Monitor) RCA x 1 i.LINK® (DV IN/OUT) 6pin x 1 Timecode IN BNC x 1 .DC 12V.Size 211X149X443mm.Weight 5.5kg.Available in Japan 1/6/2001.Price 1,300,000 Yens.More information(Japan)
Nixvue Systems Digital Album is a small, portable, battery-operated device that lets you store, display and print your digital camera images. This pocket-sized wonder contains a 10-Gigabyte hard drive with more than enough space to store tens of thousands of high-resolution camera images. The Digital Album will be available for $599 in about a month and will be distributed in the U.S. by the Jobo folks.Steve's have detail review of Nixvue Systems Digital Album
JVC low price model DVX5K --1/4"680,000(effective 340,000)pixels CCD.Video resolution 520 lines.10X optical zoom.F1.8(f=3.6~36mm).27mm Lens diameter.113,000 pixels 2.5" LCD display.0.44" 113,000 pixels viewfinder.Size 51X120X97mm.Weight 470g.Power consumption 4W/4.8W.Price 165,000Yen.More information(Japan)
JVC Introduces the 'microPocket DV', (Model GR-DVP3)a New Ultra-Compact MiniDV Camera With A Sleek, Flat-Surface Design That Brings a Whole New Style to Digital Video.---- Image sensor 680,000-pixel 1/4" CCD. Zoom ratios Optical: 10x.Lens F1.8 (f=3.6-36mm).Viewfinder 0.44" electronic, color.Monitor 200K-pixel 2" polycrystalline color LCD.Terminals DV IN/OUT (i.LINK), AV OUT/Headphone jack, and DC IN (S-Video OUT, USB, and Edit on Docking Station).More information. about GR-DVP3 and Victor(Japan)
Sony another new DV camcorder,Model DCR-TRV17K.--1/4" 680,000 pixels(effective 340,000)CCD.10X optical zoom(F1.7~2.2,f=42~420mm).Lens diameter 30mm.Shutter speed 1/4~1/4000.Min 11 lux light sensitive.Night shot.Memory stick for photos(640X480) and Mpeg1(160X112,320X240) storage.113,000 pixels view finder.3.5" 123,000 pixels LCD display.Power consumption 2.6W/3.7W.Size 74X95X175mm.Weight 650g.DV in/ in/out.USB connector..Available 10/3/2001. More information(Japan)
Sony new DV camcorder.Model DCR-TRV30.--1/4" 1.55 mega pixels(effective video 970,000 /photo 1.39 mega)CCD.Video resolution 530 resolution 1360X1020.10X optical zoom( F1.8~2.2 f=48~480mm).Lens diameter 37mm.Shutter speed 1/4~1/4000.Min 15 lux light sensitive.Night shot.Memory stick for photos(1360X1020/640X480) and Mpeg1(160X112,320X240) storage.180,000 pixels view finder.3.5" 246,000 pixels LCD display.Built-in flash.Power consumption 3.8W/4.7W.Size 71X95X168mm.Weight 680g.DV in/ in/out.USB connector..Available 20/3/2001.More information(Japan)

Some DCR-TRV30 photos taken by Japan--(Yamada)

---more photos(Japan)------4/4/2001
Canon new DV Model FV20.Can record video (Treble time)up to 180 mins(ELP) when using 60 min DV tape.---1/4" 460,000(effective 290,000)pixels CCD.MMC memory card photos storage,photos resolution 640X480.10X optical zoom(F1.8 f=48~480mm).shutter 1/15~1/8000.Min 2 lux light sensitive.Electronic Image Stabilizer.0.44" 113,000 pixels view finder.2.5" 112,000 pixles LCD display.DV in/ in/out.SVHS in/out.PC interface.Power consumption 3.7W/4.5W.Size 57X102X134mm.Weight 540g.Available Mid of May.Price 160,000 Yens.More information(Japan)------------Steve's(English)
video record time:(when using 80 min tape):
80 mins
(1 X)
120 mins
160 mins
240 mins

JVC new two model GR-DVA20K/22K.---1/4"680,000 pixels(effective 340,000 pixels)CCD.Video resolution 520 lines.10X optical zoom,F 1.8(f=3.6~36mm).37mm len diameter.Min 9 lux light sensitive.3" 112,000 pixels LCD display.0.44" 113,000 pixels viewfinder.SD memory card for photos storage.Power consumption 4.3W/5.3W.Size 83X97X188mm.Weight 600g.AV out.DV out.SVHS out.JLIP,PC interface(DVA20K R232 interface).(DVA22K USB interface).Both Available first of FEB/2001.Price (GR-DVA22K 185,000 Yens)(GR-DVA20K 155,000 Yens).more information(Japan)
Sony New Digital8 two new Japan models(DCR-TRV300K,CCD-86PK).Both models size much smaller than the previous digital8 model.and both models used 1/6" CCD.----DCR-TRV300K Spec:---1/6" 460,000 pixles(effective290,000 pixles)CCD.25X optical zoom.F1.6~2.7(f=42~1050mm).Shutter speed 1/4~1/4000.Min 9 lux light sensitive.2.5"(123,000 pixels) LCD display.Memory stick for photos storage,Super night shot,DV in/out ,USB interface.Power consumption 3W/3.9W.Size 85X102X205.5mm.Weight 900g.
CCD-TRV86PK spec:----1/6" 270,000 pixels(effective 250,000)CCD.20X optical zoom.F1.4~2.9(f=51.8~1036mm).Shutter speed 1/60~1/4000.Min 6 lux light sensitive.2.5"(61,000 pixels) LCD display.Night shot.Power consumption 2.3W/2.7W.Size 104X109X223mm.Weight 910g.Both Available 1/3/2001.More information(Japan)

Sharp new Mini DV camcorder,Model VL-MS1---1/4" 460,000 pixels CCD(effective 290,000 pixels).10X optical zoom ,long distance and zoom microphone,F1.8(f=3.6~36mm/41~410mm)Min 6 lux light sensitive.3" 89,856 pixels LCD display.Viewfinder 0.44"113,000 pixles.Power consumption 3.9W/4.7W.Audio in/out.DV in/out.Still photos output jack connect to computer.SD Memory card for photos storage.Size 66X86X172.5mm,Weight 565g.Available 16/2/2001.price 185,000 Yens.More information(Japan)

Panasonic add on more 3CCD DV camcorder,Model MX2000.----1/6" 410,000 piexls(effective 380,000 pixels)X 3CCD.Video resolution 540 lines.Still photo can up to 1.68 mega pixels.Photos resolution 1488X1128.SD Memory card for photos storage.Optical Image Stabilizer.10X optical zoom F1.6(f=2.85~28.5).Leica Dicomar Lens.Lens diameter 37mm.3.5"200,000 pixels LCD display.Min 15 lux light sensitive.Video in/out.SVHS in/out.Audio in/out.DV in/out.Still photos output jack connect to computer.Size 72X90X195mm.Weight 670g.Power consumption 4.9W/5.8w.Available 1/2/2001.Price 235,000 Yens.More information(Japan)
Sony announced more digital8 camcorder coming soon(TRV830,TRV730...),these camcorder will use mega pixel CCD and memeory stick for photos storage and Mpeg video storage.more information....choose "see what new handycam 2001"