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Welcome to Visage Lives! A website devoted to keeping the spirit of the 80's alive! My name is ZEE and I am the keeper of this website. I am happy to announce the addition of a new uh, well spokeshead for the site, a personality we all know & love, the loquacious MAX HEADROOM.

Ladies & Gentlemen... Max Headroom

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I recently ran into Max and after spending a few long hours lamenting the state of music today (and downing a few six packs of slightly flat New Coke) I convinced Max to become the spokesman of the Visage Lives! website. He'll be your host on this look into Central Florida's nightlife of years gone by. All you need to do is click on a picture of Max to hear his opinions on life & other stuff. I hope you enjoy it (cause we may get hit with a copyright violation). For those of you that don't know, Visage was one of the most excellent (and longest running) 80's dance clubs in Orlando, Fl. In addition to playing the best in 80s punk, new wave, techno, industrial, & gothic music, Visage also hosted some great concerts; Oingo Boingo, The Fixx, & My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, just to name a few. Visage is closed now, but we are going to keep the spirit alive! For those of you visiting us just to hear some great 80's music, WELCOME!!! So kick back kiddies, listen to some cool 80's tunes on the midi jukebox (in a pop-up window!) and pay homage to a late, great club! 

Over the last decade & a half, many great 80's night clubs  have come and gone in the Central Florida area. Let's take a moment to pay our respects to some of these fallen greats. (If you can think of some clubs that I have forgotten, send MAX & me an email & I'll post it here.)

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Get ready for a trip down memory lane with your host MAX HEADROOM!

Me??? sh-sh-shy little mmme?

Fantasy Lounge
The first club. In the beginning, there was the Fantasy Lounge. Located on 436 & founded by the nightclub legend Jim Quance. It was later moved to downtown Orlando & renamed Electric Avenue. 


Electric Avenue
One of the original clubs in Orlando. It was the predecessor of Visage itself! Didn't Ministry play here once??? Sent in by Kevin Farley.




Held in the Park Avenue Nightclub, Spit was THE spot on Monday & Wednesday nights in the early 80's.



Screech McVaze
Merritt Island's small but lively 80's club. My home turf for awhile.



600 North
This was Daytona Beach's best 80's club for several years. Remember the 3 am closing time ? 




The Rialto Hilton
Melbourne, Florida's only decent night spot, & only on Friday nights.



701 South
Another Daytona Beach 80's club. Home of  "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Awesome! A lot of fun but getting only 2 hours of sleep before work the next morning was murder.  


A converted warehouse became an 80's dance club that almost lasted a decade.
yeah it  was the thrill of a life time 


Faith & Physics
A club in Orlando in 80's. Sent in by B. L. anon.  Anybody got more info?


A club in Orlando in late 80's. Sent in by Brian Long.


The Beach Club
Small, crowded, & sweltering hot, this downtown Orlando club was a blast!


Another Orlando club. Sent in by Beth.



The Coliseum
A club in Daytona in late 80's, early 90's. Sent in by B.L. anon. 


The Edge
Another converted warehouse, this downtown club had a great Friday 80's night. Now it is a cowboy bar. Bogus!
What were they thinking!you've gggot to to be kiddiing me!


Previously the Beach Club. Renamed the Independent Bar, this club now has good 80's nights on Sat & Sun nights. Also has brought back Sunday Night Vinyl to Go with Erik Dennison.


Club Zen
A hole-in-the-wall with a good gothic/industrial mix on Friday nights.


The Embassy
Wednesday night Video-a-go-go was a fun spot, not enough dance floor & too many poseurs...
This club was great for many years, but now the format is hip hop.


Like MAX said, this is only a partial listing of some of the hot clubs that are now gone... We can't even remember all of them anymore. So feel free to email me with more names & descriptions of clubs to be added to this little shrine.

Now, on to the BAD news...

Currently in Orlando there is only ONE place to get good 80's dance music. This place is a most excellent club called the INDEPENDENT BAR. Formerly Barbarella & the Beach Club, it is located at Orange and Washington in downtown Orlando. On Saturday night they have 80's video-a-go-go. The doors open at 10 PM . Cover is $5 with drink specials till 12 AM. So head on down there on this week & tell them ZEE & MAX HEADROOM sent you.

Speaking of Sunday & Other Nights,

Don't forget to listen to Sunday Night Vinyl  7 - 10 PM  hosted by Erik Dennison on Real Radio 104.1. Erik is now running the show at the INDEPENDENT BAR on Sunday Nights, with SNV to GO . Stop on in and say hello.

Whhhat kkkinda show is this this anyway? .



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I'll sssee you again & again & again


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