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              Welcome to my homepage~I'm vivian ar~ u can also call me vivi~ Nice to meet u all!! hehe~ The baby in the above photo is me~ Cute?
wanna know 17 yrs old's vivi??..come......follow me...... haha~  Remember to sign my guest book before u leave bor~ Thanks! =)

Name : Vivian Lee
Nickname :   vivi,̩f 
Age : 17
Birthday : 10 September
ICQ : 3862956
E-mail :Cat.gif (2313 bytes)
My Family : Daddy, Mummy, ff, ӨШ  
School : ſռt߮Ѱ|   
Class : 6C YEAH!!!

Hobbies :

Swimming, ICQ-ing, talking on phone, singing, sleeping Zzz.....hehe~ laughing, reading,play violin, listening song......
Religion : Christian
Favourite Colour: Blue, White
Favourite book: Bible, Chicken Soup For The Soul
Favourite Band: Glay, L'Arc~en~Ciel

Favourite song :

Elmo's song (Elmo)        Heaven'sDrive(L'Arc~en~Ciel)            First Love (Utada Hikaru)
Favourite cartoon: Elmoelmo_head.gif (612 bytes), Ayanami Rei rei.gif (30507 bytes)
Talent : hahaha~laugh~
Special ability : sleep during lesson~ haha~

The subjects i'm taking this year:

Chinese(AS), English(AS), Chemistry(AL), Physics(AL),Computer(AS),
Maths & Stat(AS)

Dreams.... : haha~Be happy everyday~

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