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1st Verse

Splish Splash! Elmo took a little bath.
Long about a Saturday night.
A rub-a-dub just relax'n in the tub.
Thinking everything was alright.
Well Elmo stepped out the tub.
Put his feet on the floor.
Then he wrapped the towel around him
and he opened the door.
Splish Splash! Elmo jumped back in the bath.
How was he to know there was a party going on.


There was a splish'n and splash'n
Wheel'n with the feel'n.
Mov'n and a groov'n.
Rock'n and a roll'n
hahaha hehehehe
do do do do
dum de de do do dum do

2nd Verse

But bing bang
Elmo saw the whole gang
Dance'n on his living room rug (that's right)
Slip Slop they were doing the bop
Elmo's friends like their dance'n fun
There was Sally, John with Betty Lou
My word, Big Bird was even there too.
Splish Splash! Forget about the bath
Elmo went and put his dance'n shoes on.

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