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About Volcanic Zeolite
Natural volcanic zeolite is a mineral consisting of silica and alumina.There are large deposits of volcanic zeolite minerals found in the western United States. Natural zeolites have a unique interconnecting lattice structure. This lattice structure is arranged to form a honeycomb framework of consistent diameter interconnecting channels and pores. Negatively charged alumina and neutrally charged silica tetrahedra building blocks are stacked to produce the open three dimensional honeycomb framework. Zeolites actually attract odors & gases and trap them in its crystaline structure.The active ingredient in the Zeofresh product line is natural volcanic zeolite. Natural zeolites are formed from the altered volcanic ash. Zeolite has the ability to adsorb and desorb water, and gas molecules (odors) without any chemical or physical change in the zeolite itself. The material can encompass and control many times its weight in odors or moisture. Mildew is an organism that thrives in areas of excess moisture, and leaves a stale, undesireable odor. Zeofresh products remove the moisture, and the mildew dissappears!

Volcanic zeolite based odor control products last for years because they can be "recharged in sunlight". After the product has become saturated with the odors it has been absorbing, you can set the mesh pouches outside in direct sunlight
for 6 hours, this renews and recharges the zeolite for many years of further use!