Warped Sims Skins
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In the world  of evil only the fortunate survive!
We've just started so keep with use while we upload the skins!
this site has loads of Warped, Wierd, Dead and slightly evil skins (don't ask), if you think you can produce a whacky skin then just mail it to us here and it'll be on the site within a week!
Site News

We have just started Evil Clown (not going to well) , we have got Grim Reaper, the reapo man, leeloo in white and orange and we have captin kirk! we work on new skins all the time so check back when ever you can to see what we have for you! This page is updated every week with News and new skins!!
If you'd like to give your skins then like we said just mail it to us with a picture here!