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    "If I am not under arrest, I wish to freely go on my way.  I  am under
arrest, please tell me.  In either case, I refuse to consent to any search
of my person, my effect and property, my premises, or the location of my

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    " I wish to remain silent and have my attorney present during any
questioning, line-up, or search.  If you ignore my exercise of these rights,
or attempt to obtain a waiver of such rights then I want to talk to my
attorney before any conversation with any law enforcement agent, especially
concerning the subject of waiver I exercise these rights as guaranteed under
the statues and constitution of this state and the United States of

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    (Editors' Note:  Carry this in your wallet along with your driver's
license, and read it aloud to the law officer in the event you're detained.
Stick to the script, then clam up until you have representation, whether
you're innocent or not.  Remember, the cops are definitely not in your
corner when the action is coming down.)

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