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Why should you sign up for the Region 5 ABATE Email bulletin network? Just read these unsolicited testimonials below! In a recent survey, our respondants indicated that our Email Bulletin network was "Very effective and informative" by a 94% margin! Isn't it time for YOU to be an informed motorcycle enthusiast too?
"I am an active member of the biker community and do feel that ABATE is a very effective group. I just havent seen a very good example of an active group of ABATE- Till now! I am very impressed with how you keep your members informed, as well as inviting the public at large to be involved. This I like, this is the first I've seen this."-Aleatha Moslo
"It's an Excellent way to let people know of upcoming events. "-Amy Fessler
"I wanted to thank you and all the members of ABATE for being the wonderful
caring people that you are. You are truly an extended family, and I appreciate the Email updates on biker issues."-
Toy Spry
"Hey Duke.. thanks for the wonderful input... welcomed as usual.. guess that's why you're the best!" -Theresa Brigner

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