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Captain Bret's Celtic Tattoo Photos

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Tribal Tattoo page

Celtic Tattoo Page

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design.gif (856 bytes)

desflash.gif (905 bytes)

celtic tattoo flash a.gif (2546 bytes)

'In a symbol lies concealment or revelation'

a new celt dogs large back 4.jpg (32959 bytes)

Interwoven  Large Celtic Dogs on Back

celt dogs new.jpg (24463 bytes)

Custom Celtic dogs back piece Tattoo

celtic griffin.jpg (25867 bytes)

Celtic Griffin Tattoo

a new celt cross aa.jpg (30103 bytes)

Custom Celtic Cross Tattoo

a new celt eagle.jpg (16458 bytes)

Celtic Eagle

a new celt green dog.jpg (16079 bytes)

Elaborate Celtic Knotwork Hound

a new celt spiral a.jpg (17912 bytes)

Book of Kells Spiral with custom Tribal on lower back

a new celt dog & bird b.jpg (23556 bytes)

Celtic dog with Peacock

a big celt band.jpg (37646 bytes)

Large Celtic arm band in green

shamrock celt weave 2.jpg (22515 bytes)

Womans Lower  Back Claddagh Tattoo

a new celt back piece.jpg (13800 bytes)

Large Custom Celtic Back Tattoo

dolphins.jpg (19983 bytes)

Celtic Dolphin Spiritual Weave

red_celt_knot.jpg (19607 bytes) logo_sun_aa.jpg (18576 bytes) a new celt harp.jpg (19868 bytes) a new celt circle aa.jpg (19104 bytes)
Knotwork-the cosmic loom Tribal & Celtic sun Tattoo Harp with Celtic Knot Circle Nice Celtic Circle Tattoo
aanew celtshamrock.jpg (13869 bytes) aanew_celtshamrock.jpg (5914 bytes) celtictribal_sun.jpg (19927 bytes) crows.jpg (15271 bytes)
Celtic moon weaver Tattoo another cool Celtic Knotwork shamrock Tattoo Tribal and Celtic fusionTattoo Celtic ravens Tattoo
celt24.jpg (16037 bytes) a new celt circle yellow.jpg (19305 bytes) a new celtcross shamrockb.jpg (21752 bytes) celt26.jpg (18526 bytes)
Tree of life Tattoo Custom drawn Celtic piece Celtic Cross & Shamrock Celtic shamrock armband

ca2.jpg (23693 bytes)

green_cross.jpg (21214 bytes) celt19.jpg (10074 bytes) AAAcelt.jpg (17234 bytes)

Celtic mermaid from stone at Meigle,Perthshire

modern interlaced Celtic cross large Celtic armband Tattoo Celtic interlace design
 C7.jpg (16852 bytes) celt1.jpg (17757 bytes) celtaabanda.jpg (16623 bytes) a new celt cross 1a.jpg (16189 bytes)
Irish pride shamrock Tattoo modern style Celtic Tattoo very intricate interlaced knot Celtic Cross
snake celtica.jpg (18439 bytes) aatriblcelt.jpg (12896 bytes) celtcrossnewa.jpg (17815 bytes) black_new_celt_band.jpg (12728 bytes)
Celtic snake Tattoo Tribal and Celtic together Celtic cross Tattoo Book of Lindisfarne armband
ca3.jpg (16825 bytes) ce.jpg (19857 bytes) aaaaceltband.jpg (17472 bytes) cc.jpg (17915 bytes)
the four roads cross Tattoo interlaced pattern star book of Durrow armband Celtic body decoration shield
celtcircle blue.jpg (15703 bytes) harp.jpg (23987 bytes) c1.jpg (13602 bytes) aanew cltbnda.jpg (19239 bytes)
popular Celtic culture Knotwork ancient Celtic harp Tattoo Celtic blackwork pattern Celtic armband with crosses
bbbbclt.jpg (21573 bytes) a new celt shamrock & knot.jpg (14287 bytes) a1.jpg (6729 bytes) celt15.jpg (6565 bytes)
Christ's rule over length,breadth,height,depth Celtic knotwork shamrock with elaborate knot all-around Celtic interlaced color armband supreme symbol of Christian faith Tattoo design
aanewcltcrcl.jpg (16329 bytes) a new celt cross.jpg (22938 bytes) C3.jpg (16221 bytes) a new round celt knot.jpg (16798 bytes)
Celtic circle representing wholeness Celtic cross-spiritual power Celtic shamrock Tattoo Design Circular Cross round-weave
new_celt_cross_green.jpg (33511 bytes) new_celt_not.jpg (19327 bytes) new_black_celt_circle.jpg (18068 bytes) a8.jpg (12228 bytes)
cross symbolizing the quartering of the suns circle locked Celtic band Tattoo eternal circle Tattoo design modern tribal & Celtic design
cross aa.jpg (20846 bytes) cfg.jpg (16136 bytes) c4.jpg (20433 bytes) ch.jpg (17541 bytes)
Celtic cross Tatoo Celtic and Tribal back stone high standing Celtic cross Tattoo interwoven animal symbol cross Tattoo
celt17.jpg (8633 bytes) celt2.jpg (17775 bytes) celtic_knot.jpg (19958 bytes)
illuminative style armband Tattoo design aaaaacircular earth energy Celtic circle custom infinity Celtic knot Tattoo design large Celtic cross Tattoo
ca4.jpg (16967 bytes) celt7.jpg (31775 bytes) aatribal&celt.jpg (13461 bytes) cltcrs.jpg (15312 bytes)
stonework Celtic cross Tattoo Celtic spiral  Tattoo pattern tribal and Celtic together Celtic Cross
C9.jpg (15407 bytes) m1.jpg (20459 bytes)
claddagh Tattoo design continuity of spirit Knotwork border armband Celtic cross
symbolic spiritual diagram
anewcelticcross.jpg (18776 bytes) a24.jpg (15367 bytes) bandddd.jpg (12625 bytes) a17.jpg (16208 bytes)
old style colorful cross Tattoo design female wholeness of the earth circle,four directions of male movement superimposed double repeating knot band claddagh & Celtic knot Tattoo pattern
celt weave new.jpg (14316 bytes) C6.jpg (17786 bytes) aceltband.jpg (16656 bytes) aceltband1.jpg (12684 bytes)
Celtic Tribal infinity symbol green ink Celtic cross interwoven knot armband Trinity knot armband
aacelt tree big.jpg (14626 bytes) aaacros clover.jpg (14656 bytes) C2.jpg (17933 bytes) a13.jpg (18127 bytes)
enormous Celtic tree of life Irish pride cross & shamrock red hot chili peppers tribal and Celtic together Celtic sun,ponder it's movements in repetitive knot
aaaceltband.jpg (15642 bytes) aaa2celtband.jpg (15689 bytes) aaa3celtband.jpg (15393 bytes) aa1.jpg (6942 bytes)
Celtic dogs with Book of kells spiral Tattoo and birds weaved together Celtic font name with Irish pride Celtic shamrock
harp celtband.jpg (16910 bytes) cltcrsss.jpg (11273 bytes) cb.jpg (20907 bytes) celtcouple.jpg (20553 bytes)
Irish harp with full wrap Celtic band Tattoo design small Celtic cross Tattoo circular knot center cross man & woman interwoven together
aaaaceltband2.jpg (16791 bytes) band celt.jpg (17385 bytes) celt22.jpg (19626 bytes) celt circle.jpg (14960 bytes)
from stones in Scottish pictland typical repeating knot armband stonework Celtic cross medallion style   with trinity and 3 sided image center
aaaacltbnd3.jpg (16532 bytes) celt23.jpg (20469 bytes) fish.jpg (15036 bytes) celtic3.jpg (5257 bytes)
Celtic dog with bird armband book of Durrow cross medallion cute Celtic fish Tattoo circular center medallion
cltbnd1.jpg (14140 bytes) a new celt & tribal sun.jpg (17704 bytes) cltband.jpg (12807 bytes) baaand.jpg (12887 bytes)
Celtic band astrology symbol Tattoo design Celtic Sun Celtic Tattoo band with border cool colored band with contrasting cross images within
aa new celt circle a.jpg (21827 bytes) anewcelticband12-30.jpg (10668 bytes) ca.jpg (20624 bytes) arm.jpg (12741 bytes)
celtic medalion with star Tattoo celtic armband Tattoo


symbolic circular energy Celtic knot armband symbolizing the continuity of existence of the spirit
celtaaband.jpg (19464 bytes) a new celt foot 2.jpg (23837 bytes) a new celt cross & name.jpg (15305 bytes) a round celt knot.jpg (17559 bytes)
Tribal style shamrock Celtic Cats Tattoos Celtic Cross & Irish name celtic tattoo
aanewceltcircle.jpg (19876 bytes) aa new celt cross green1-13-2001.jpg (16786 bytes) cf.jpg (13607 bytes) a2.jpg (5272 bytes)
SCeltic Spiral Celtic Cross with Shamrocks protective interlacing ornament Celtic interlacing energy builder
ca1.jpg (18167 bytes) celt arm.jpg (12426 bytes) celt dog.jpg (15103 bytes)
Celtic Knotwork art Tattoo design elegant Knotwork design cross with Celtic bands Celtic dogs Tattoo
a new blue celt cross a.jpg (22022 bytes) a new celt knotwork.jpg (17347 bytes) a new celt band.jpg (16493 bytes) cross.jpg (20095 bytes)
Celtic Cross Celtic Tattoo Celtic Knot Armband Unity of Life Cross
a new celt circle a.jpg (12171 bytes) a new cross & kanji.jpg (19951 bytes) a new celt double dragons.jpg (11463 bytes) aanew celt.jpg (14586 bytes)
C            Celtic Spirall TattoSs Celtic Kanji Cross Celtic double Dragons Large Celtic Knotwork
a new celt rats.jpg (11927 bytes) a new celt cross lined.jpg (13636 bytes) a new celt belt.jpg (14889 bytes) a new celt dragons circle.jpg (13804 bytes)
Celtic Rats Celtic Infinity Cross Belt Celtic Dragons
circle celt.jpg (16383 bytes) a new celt sun shamrock.jpg (17281 bytes) a new celt canada.jpg (17242 bytes) half swastika.jpg (18325 bytes)
celtic tattoo celtic sun energy shamrock celtic canada maple leaf Ancient Symbol
roundcross.jpg (21223 bytes) band.jpg (10664 bytes) colorful  celtic circle a.jpg (27139 bytes) armband.jpg (15241 bytes)
celtic spiritual bridge cross celtic binding of the soul band Colorful Celtic Circle Trinity Thread of Life Armband
Celtic Gear.jpg (28504 bytes) Trinity Sun a.jpg (25327 bytes) Black Celt Cross.jpg (21817 bytes) ravens.jpg (21262 bytes)
Celtic Wheel of Life Gear Trinity Sun Black Irish Cross Spiritual Ravens
armband 2.jpg (16183 bytes) claddagh.jpg (13482 bytes)

celtic tattoo flash a.gif (2546 bytes)

Press to buy

triangle band a.jpg (14250 bytes)

Celtic well being arm band

a new celtic with tribal band.jpg (18873 bytes)

Celtic design with Tribal

celtic peacock.jpg (21440 bytes)

Celtic Peacock

celtic interwoven double dragons.jpg (22366 bytes)

Celtic Interwoven Double Dragons Tattoo

celt birds.jpg (21481 bytes)

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