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101 Ways to Say "Shy"

How does a poem begin?

A word here, small fingers, white teeth

bloody knuckle, naked curves, pale bruises


How is it read?

icy toenail

remembering to sink as though you will never drown


I don't want to be bitter anymore,

remembering that there is another way-

a dance, a voice


who are you? what do you want to do?


a tear, a word there

a pressure in the small, a frown

unafraid to feel


what would you change?

what would you stare at if eternity was all you had?

If you were dying tomorrow, 

what would the moon do for you today?

an adventure, a lion's kill

the loss of all you know

a painting, a dolphin's laugh

words can only say so much.

what would you say if you had the words?


listen even though it means nothing to you,

a song, a sound, a laugh

only words

and me - I'm nothing

or maybe words are



I am still trying to find the meaning of life,

others finding life to destroy-

a scream, a grinding

a close call, a chess game

which is worse?


what are you talking about?

Tell me! I know you will understand...

I know

because I smiled at you 

didn't say "Hello"

and something witty

but smiled and reached out with my heart...


"I take it you are embarrassed, not mystified..." he said.

Am I not allowed to Love you? 

Your Power?-

a dream dismissed, a gift from a stranger

Am I not allowed to love You?-

28 chairs with wooden desks attached

a low voice loudly...

was it you brought me here? was it You?-

smothering painted walls, spotless white

smothering suffering, smothering breath

am I not allowed to love you?




My Own Cage

a cane, a slap, a yell

a memory bubbling

These Are Yours Too






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