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Black Pools

It is nothing when

one small ember of feeling surges into flame.

Or when you travel through only dreams with a smile,

not taunting, but touching.

Or when your eyes water rather than burn.

Or when my heart feels like a lonely river.


It matters only that your hair,

falling over your eyes, as

a dark river would fall

over mountains

into a black pool-

cool under the moon-

is the source of my waiting now

for my hands to finish

reaching, grasping for that silk-


Even as I ask myself-

Is it easier to struggle over huge 

and vague words 

to express what I could with 

one first move?

I know the answer will be meaningless.


For the traffic of movement ends

in a mist of dreams..

and dense reality

but a river of words is less faded

and less real.


Lips move with seeds of memory,

but remembering is my choice

a choice that will let me


into realms.


Our moment is defined by emptiness-

then will a memory of the past fulfill

in a storm of desperation

and content...


Who are you 


with your dark eyes and curious smile

to run from

my silent words

until we can run together 

in that ghost realm

that blustering river.


Fulfilled by a shadow of

an instant from the past

I know

when you hear this song

you will have already heard it

you will remember

and you will reach

not run

but you are already reaching

and my eyes are dark 

clear pools-

under the moon.










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