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Following the Flame

The fate you claim seduces you -

it sounds like a dream I once had,

that whispers across my eyes

just now.


I once prophesized that I knew fate

so well

I once mingled my soul with yours

and did you feel nothing?

Nothing then, but

everything now...


You have hunted anyone

but me

the one who follows you.


I know that smile.

It is my own.

We cherish, in separate worlds,

our Mona Lisa lips.

I know that song.

I sang it on the playground once-

so young

and yet I knew-

I knew I'd find you-



I can see your eyes like dark caves,

smoldering coals,

the tunnel at the end of the plains,

and the path between us

forever long,

and puddled with tears.


I reach out weak and burning hands,

pierced with a needle of hope,

now and again.

And you smolder still in the distance

and you turn away so easily.


And I thought if I ran

a little faster

from the pull,

hid a little longer from the sun,

the needle of hope

would be tossed forever 

into the ashes 

of my crumbling desire.


I thought if I turned off your light,

you'd disappear into the darkness

before my eyes, but,

glimmering in the corner,

you wait to be re-fumed..


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