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SLOB= a Disrespecting term for the Bloods
Bo= Marijuanna
Crab= a Disrespecting term for Crips
Cuz= Crip
Hood= Neighborhood
N-H= Neighborhood
Rag=Gang handkerchief
Rooster= Blood, Piru
Ru= Piru, Blood
Set= Indiviual Gang, Neighborhood
Sway-boy= Blood or anti-Crip
Ups= Bloods
187= California penal code for Murder
BK= Blood Killer
CK= Crip Killer
a "K" in the Graffiti= usually Means to kill someone or killer
BGD= Black Gangsta Disciple
GD= Gangsta Disciple
Pitch forks= Folk, Folk nation
Upside Down Pitchforks= Disrespecting Folk
Six pointed Star ( Star of David )= Folk Nation
Five Pointed Star= People Nation
a Cane= People Naton
Upsidedown Cane= disrespecting People Nation
Marijuanna Leaf= Marijuanna
Xing thru a rivals Graffiti= Disrespecting them
A Gun= Threating to kill someone
a Joint= Smoking Marijuanna
8 ball= Cocaine