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About Me


This is not going to be one of those long drawn out About Us text files that I have on other websites. So I will be brief in describing this as painless as possible for you. I've only been working on websites for a little over a year. By trade and background schooling I should be a programmer, (got the bill for it and the diploma hanging on the wall next to me). But I am a truck driver, started out driving a little over 10 years ago working for a local Chemical company until I was burned on my right leg by 97% Industrial sulfuric acid. I was wearing the full safety gear as required by CAL OSHA. But even with all the gear I managed to get burned by this stuff. I was off for 30 days doing whirlpool treatments to my lower right leg. It was then that I had already gotten my Class A license through the Chemical Co.

I have worked in hauling recycled oil from a refinery in Wilmington Ca close to the ocean all the way up to Salinas where they use the oil to burn in the furnace. Something about making it hotter.

I have also worked for a local freight hauling company hauling freight from Greater Los Angeles to Bakersfield and even the great city of Porterville at the Wal-Mart warehouse.

I have been and am currently working for a local Co. transporting Asphalt to re-pave roads to hauling 1" rock, sand, base and even re-cycled base (the really cheap stuff).

I drive a 1995 Volvo tractor 2-axle with a set of bottom dumps (aka belly dumps). I enjoy my job but there are times I would like to make a career change, but now I think it may be to late. Thinking about retiring at 62 driving a truck is scary. It does pay the bills and vacation time is taken twice a year now. I have worked hard to get where I am, and in 3 years that doesn't mean much except when the dispatcher gives me a secret mission to go on, he knows I can handle it... I would guess that is the reason. He hasn't told me lately but right now it sounds pretty good.

I am married, wife's name is Kathy, I have 2 boys, named Kevin he is the oldest 16 yrs, Jeramie and he is 15 yrs, Megan foxy little gal too! she's 12. On the phone constantly, you know the routine for a pre-teenage daughter. Phones are a permanent fixture to the head now. It takes an act of Congress to pry the phone from their ears. Boys, and boyfriends and girlfriends. What a combination?

Pictures to follow as soon as I can get some scanned or get the Camcorder out and take some good ones....


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