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About Us


I will give you a little run down, with my experience with computers and Telecommunication part that is the whole reason for this document, but will try NOT to bore you to much with details.

I started out operating a BBS with an Atari 130XE, 2-Atari 1050 5.25" floppy drives and Software that was designed by Keith Ledbetter called BBS Express PROfessional. After my 130XE died I got a more reliable keyboard called the 800xl. Its operating System was SpartaDOS, not the cartridge SpartaDOS X. Fancy features and powerful but not compatible with the Atari BBS software. I ran what was called The Black Hole BBS, then found out someone else had it so it was eventually called the Black Hole II, and there is a reason for that, which was I was pouring just about all my extra income into it buying this and buying that. That lasted for about 6 years. The calls weren't coming in and the software was becoming more advanced than I was with my system.

I eventually gave up the Atari and 2 modem crashes later, I bought an AST advantage 386/25 for me, and in less than 30 days after I bought it, I had a bicycle accident which put me out of work and into a cast for 8 weeks The break was unusual as the Doctor put it as it was an 1 1/2" on my forearm. I still have the knot where it was broken and in the winter months when it does get cold it does bother me a bit from time to time. But during the time in the cast. I had learned to type fast left handed. Being a right handed on this was a bit odd. I decided to run the BBS on this machine but had dropped the Black Hole II and picked up the name Got Milk Inc BBS. the software for this system was Wildcat 3.91, soon after that it was upgraded to Wildcat version 4.0 I had online games and files and was even a Node for FIDOnet. My final upgrade got me Wildcat version 4.11 which is where it stopped. I had a received a settlement check which was enough at the time and bought a Pentium 2/233. now this is even bigger than the first. I then found a neighbor of mine had Wildcat WINS version 5.0 Now I am in bigger time I had a SupraFAX 56 k modem and lots of files and games especially for the WINS. I am now working on getting the new website setup for TelNetting. Bought a scanner, scanned some pictures of the times we've had in 1999 camping, took some pictures of the surrounding areas during the freak Snow storm that gave us over 5 inches. Very unusual for this community!


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