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A Wild and exotic vacation with sexy escorts and companions for singles or couples
at our beachfront resort on Margarita Island
This is not a membership, pay or AVS site. It is a hospitality and travel company site for adult singles or couples
over the age of 
21 seeking an exotic and erotic vacation. You must be over 21 to view this site.
Our  beach
For more detailed information, rates, vacancies, questions and answers, contacts, reservations, visit our sister site:


(863) 604-1247             North America
011-58-295-249-1557 Margarita Island
(905) 547-7047               North America

Postal Mail:

415 Concession Street, Suite 85
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada  L9A 1B8
We have the world's only absolutely all inclusive adult tour package.
The Caribbean's best erotic resort. Completed escorted.  Totally safe and discreet.
Casual, friendly, relaxed and a bit wicked.
Now you can have this as a reality instead of a fantasy as you are accompanied by sensuously beautiful escorts to cater to your every whim.

We offer complete vacations at your own private resort-hotel in the Caribbean with your choice of escorts for an entire week!
We cater to everybody it does not matter if you are inhibited shy and reserved. 

No need to be rich.  For persons who do not want to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy an adult all inclusive vacation. Visit  us  with  our  FREE 
"Try  It  First  Guarantee"

You stay for 24 hours free of charge, if you like it you stay, if not we will find you other accommodations.
The only thing you can lose is all memory of a hectic life style.
A  Beautiful Beachfront Resort with a private swimming pool, restaurant and bar.
Enjoy our night beach BBQ's and parties with 30 escorts and only 7 guests.
The only thing missing in this picture is you!
Our resort is located on the best beach on Margarita Island
is just what you have been looking for.
Kingsize beds
Best excursions you will ever experience
We are located right on the beach!!
There is a large and very private pool, gardens, and barbeque grills.  We provide a concierge to help you get around and find whatever you may need.  You can stay close to home and rumba (party), or just relax.
The beaches here are topless!
Margarita Island has become one of the
Caribbean's most exciting destinations.
Take advantage of activities and exotic sites nearby. 

There are excursions to Angel Falls (The world's tallest waterfall), the Orinoco River, (dug out canoe trips or fishing), the Los Roques Islands (World Class bonefishing), scuba diving or snorkeling, or golf on one of the island's most challenging courses, just 20 minutes from the resort (almost every hole has a view of the ocean).

There are also Jeep tours of the wild Macanao Peninsula, motorcycle rentals (including Harley Davidsons), windsurfing, horseback riding, and ultra light airplane rentals.  There are also mountain treks to the forest on top of nearby mountains.  Party until dawn with Porlamar's famous nightlife.
Here are toll free numbers for airlines flying to Venezuela, or Email us to help you find the best connections and discount fares. 

Our representatives will meet you at the gate to assist you when you disembark
from your international flight. 

Aeropostal Airlines 1-888-912-8466  (recommended)

American Airlines 1-800-666-5522

Continental Airlines 1-800-231-0856 (international)

Delta Airlines 1-800-241-4141

Direct flights are available to Margarita Island from Canada, England, Germany,
Holland, and Spain.  Consult us for information and availability.

4 Night/5 day package $1950
Ask for more information about our Giant Halloween Week Party and

New Year's Eve party!

Our guest list for the giant Halloween party has just expanded.
Guests now include:

Capt. Jack Sparrow (of pirate fame)
ZZ Top
V-Man (Viagra)
The S&M Maestro
Charlie's Angels (You've never seen an Angel dressed like this)
and the Sexy Witch of the South
June 2003

Who Stands Behind
Our  names are Alexis and Thomas we are the owners of the company.  We both have many  years experience in the Hospitality and Night Entertainment business,  where discretion and service is the top priority. The same priorities apply here.  we did not wish to enter the Internet, we have plenty of regular clients since 1987 and believe these business is better handled in person or by phone. 
After we  saw the increase in numbers of adult tour companies from 4 in the 1980's to dozens today and the expensive print media advertising, the decision to be on the web was forced upon us.

How long have you been in business ?
We established the company in 1987 and registered in Canada in 1988 under the name of "Caribbean Vacations & Conference Consultants" and "Caribbean Fantasy Tours Travel Agency".

What is "Try It First Guarantee" ?
Buy your own ticket and inform us of your flight details or reserve your flight with us.  We will pick you up at the airport, drive you to our Resort and offer you the same services as a paying guest for a FULL DAY AND NIGHT.  Next day you decide if you want to stay and pay the package you choose or you leave.  We will help you to find another hotel or change your departure date and drive you to the airport.  It is as simple as that.
Still nervous ?
in the case of we can put your mind at ease.  Please remember we have operated for 17 years. We advertise in large adult publications (and we will continue doing so) in Eastern U.S and Canada, some of their top management has visited us and have written the most  favourable reviews.

When is the best time of the year to visit?
As for the weather in the South Caribbean is constantly good all year round ! There is little change in temperature from winter to summer. We do not have a high or low season.

What Is Erotic Adult Vacations ?
For those of you unfamiliar with the Companion / Escort Service Industry, the above phrase is used to describe the full service provided by a M/F escort or in this case the travel companion.  The adult interaction is guaranteed and leaves nothing out.
What about tipping ?
Tipping is not permitted and gifts are not allowed, with one exception.  If you visit the Casino with your companion and he or she wishes to gamble we suggest you offer $20 to $40.

What is the ratio between escorts and guests at the Resort ?
Currently a maximum of 8 guests are accepted in our Resort, although we could handle over 20.  There are plenty of reasons for this.  We did not want the hotel to look like a sex club.  The majority of our guests are shy and reserved persons who need plenty of privacy and space.  We maintain 15 to 25 ladies at all times. They live permanently in the hotel,  you may make your selection at your convenience, this has worked very well in the past without problems.  (Note: We very seldom get more than 5 to 6 reservations at any given time).

Do you offer packages for private groups?
Yes we do, thus the reason we offer the services free of charge of a very experienced manager and consultant on conventions and banquets.  He will plan, set up and run your small conference, meeting or group vacation. (Note: Our Resort does not provide any conference facilities).
Does pre selection of an escort occur ?
Yes, you can see few of escorts in the video and photo pages with a couple of warnings.
If you reserve on a short notice it is almost guaranteed you will get what you chose!    
For advanced reservations we do not promise you, but we will try our best to get whom you  want. 
However,  if you pre select you cannot change your escort, we still have to pay her/him for the duration.

Can I have more than one escort ?
You sure can, at $350 per 24 hours, and you can change your escort(s) every 24 hours.
  Your package includes an extra escort for 24 hours fre of charge.

What are the girls like ?
Few of them model type and a bit conceded the most of them nice looking everyday women.  Our escorts enjoy what they are doing and like very much meeting new clients.  It gives them an opportunity to earn some money and live a comfortable life.  They quickly become infatuated and will enjoy your vacation with you without regard to your age or appearance.  It does not matter whether you are shy and reserved and have limited financial resources.  Once you warm up to each other she will be your girl friend.
Are Passport and visas required ?
A passport is necessary but not a Visa.  A tourist card is handed out during the flight, and is filled out by the passenger. A copy of this is what the tourist carries with their passport. It is then requested to be presented at immigration when you leave the country.

What happens if I cause trouble ?
The atmosphere at our Resort has been described as more relaxed and a bit wicked than wild and we expect to keep it so.  Extreme drunkeness or disorderly behavior is not tolerated.

I am ready, what is the next step ?
Once you are ready check whether the dates you are considering are still available.  If they are, you can reserve and prepay, pay a deposit or try our "Try It First Guarantee" that does not cost anything.  All billing is done discreetly under "A-A-V.COM."

How much advance time do you require for reservations ?
It is up to you!  We accept very limited number of reservations so we can fill up very fast, although we seldom do.
                                  Margarita Island, Venezuela
We are a couple can we come ?
Yes you can and there are 2 escorts included in your package.  See rates of our Tour Packages for more details.

Additional costs ?
During your stay at the Resort everything is included for you and you escort(s) all meals as well as the bar are covered.  Should you decide to take the girls out for dinner in designated restaurants by us, that is covered too but for restaurants of your choice it is your expense.  The only money you need is casino money or for night life outside our resort.