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Summary up to Feb 13th, 2003

The word up until now has been slow. Nothing spectaclur at all. Few Crappie at Joanis, small panfish at the pipe, small fish at Beckers, you know the drill.

February 13-23, 2003

Well, not much has happened since last entry. No really good luck anyways. As far as Joanis, fish their are pretty inactive. Fished on Sat, saw lots of fish on the cam with my buddy, but they had serious lockjaw. That was in the morning too. I also have fished the pipe- nada. Redbridge has been producing a few crappies, and a good number of small bluegills. Nothing amazing though. Rusty's has been my best spot of late, with I guess ok success for mid feb. Earlier in the week the action was almost good, but it died off as the week went on. Again, had the cam there on Sat, saw lots of gills, nice ones, but wouldn't bite.

Feb 23-March 3rd

Fishing luck has continued to deteriorate. Was out on Saturday at Rustys and oxbow. Both places supplied craptacular luck. Rustys was too crowded anyways, and we didn't even mark a whole lot of fish. At the oxobow we marked fish but they had serious lockjaw. Got a few small small gills.

Mid March Until April 16th

Luck did turn around I had some medium luck at the pipe. One outing me and a friend iced a handful of 11-12 inch crappies and a 13 inch walleye. Another time I got about 4 nice gills and a 16 inch walleye. The last time I had really good luck there I kept 15 gills, 10 over 8 inches. I also dinked around Beckers Lake, Calumet Co, and Long Lake, Manitowoc Co, for the last of my ice fishing. At Beckers I just mostly got small yellow bass and a few few ok bluegills. At Long the gills that bit bit really late and were small.
On to open water then I guess. First open water trip I went to DuBay Dam. Got a few smaller pike. Not Good. Proceeded to give up on the walleye run for the time being. Went to redbridge and got a mediocre amount of ok sized gills and crappie. Lots of small fish hitting though. Also fished the pipe, but too late. I guess the huge crappies were hitting there a day before I learned of the spot, and a day before this bad weather came in. Too bad.

April 16th-24th

The heat has turned up in the backwaters. Last night I limited out on some hefty gills at Redbridge, right under the bridge. It was great. My buddy started hooking into some nice crappies at about 7pm too. Nice fish. Now today, 4/24, I tried redbridge again and still got nice fish. I also tried the slough past redbridge. There wasn't as much action there but there were fish there. I think a bit smaller than the redbridge ones. Got me a nice crappie too. Off to Lake Eau Claire this weekend. Yahoo.

April 24th to May 15th

The above mentioned trip to lake Eau Claire was good. On that Friday we slammed the bluegills in the real shallow water in the rookery. On Friday we got some crappie at Boyscouts Island and we did get some gills again, but not as many. After I returned to Point fishing was not good. The initial batch of panfish that went up there in the first high water incedent had vanished.
The next decent fishing time was Lake Eau Claire again on May 9th-10th. We got some decent walleye on 5/9 in front of muskrat creek. On 5/10 we got some nice perch there in the morning, in the afternoon I got some mediocre gills in the rookery, and that nice we got walleye again but no legals.
Now this week. Yesterday, 5/14, was great. Lets just say the walleyes were brought into redbridge with the high water. Got some crappie too.

May 15th-28th

I have mostly fished Bullhead Lake, Manitowoc Co. in this time period. I have had moderate success. Last night me and my brother Israel got 15 keepers. I have fished Beckers a bit off shore. Nothing really with size there though. The fish at Bullhead have been hitting really late though, like last night we got the most fish after 8:30 at night. Weird. I don't think the spawn is in full swing yet. Females have eggs but they aren't popping yet.

May 28th-July 11th

What have I done since last update.....Bullhead continued to yield moderate success. Nothing too great though. I went to Millder Dam Flowage camping the end of may. Cool weather but we found the gills out in 4 feet of water approx 30yds off shore. Nice fish! I will be out there again.
I was out to Lake Eau Claire on vacation. The panfishing was ok. Got some nice gills and crappies, but all after 8:30pm at least. The weather was hot so I think the fish waited until things cooled off before they bit.
Now the craze has been Beckers for yellow bass. I am fishing a hump that comes up to at least 8'. They are Stacked in there. I went out 4th of July with Nick and got 87. I went Sunday with Lesley and got 37. Then I went out this week on 7-9-03 and got 30-40 in about 1.5 hours or less. It is fast action out there.

July 11th - August 19th

I haven't been out fishing too much this summer. Bullhead continues to be slow, at least the times I have been out.
The best luck I have had has been on Lake Winnabego and Lake Butte a Morts. At butte de morts me and a friend of mine got several walleyes over 20". The next day my friend went out alone and got a 26" walleye. Our trip to Winnebago was pretty good. I limited out with my 5 walleyes and I also got 2 nice perch. Unfortunately Andy only got Sheephead.

August 22nd- August 26th
Two fishing trips of note. I was at Council Grounds State park on the weekend. Below the dam I got some small smallies and also a tiny walleye. Not too impressive. Tried fishing in the lake near the landing. Fished near some weeds and got SOME bluegills. Not a lot really. They ran ok in size. I know somewhere out there in that lake (Alexander) there is some really big gills, I can just tell.
Last night I went out to Bullhead with Aaron. Finally we got on some nice gills again. After searching for about 15 min. I found them in the SW area of the lake in 15-16' of water suspended anywhere from 6' down to the bottom. They liked colored jigheads and thunderbug combos the best. Missed quite a few fish. Got 8 between 7.5 and 9 inches. Hope to be there again soon.

August 26th - Sept 6th

I was out to Bullhead with not so good results. Friday before labor day I was out all day long. Missed one or two during the day and got 2 small bass. In the evening I got 4 big gills. Not too hot. It was the day after a cold front so I thought I could do better in a few days. So I went out Tuesday night after labor day and got one lonely gill. Talked to a guy at the landing going for gills he didn't get much either. We both remarked that our strategies that worked so well last year haven't been working. I hope to go to point and fish this weekend. Monday me and Aaron are getting out again, I don't know to where. JB

Sept 17th, 2003

Went out in my new boat and fished Long Lake in Manitowoc Co. I just wanted to catch some halfway decent sized fish. I did manage to get some ok bluegills of the 6-7in variety but I didn't keep anything. Too small, I was spoiled in my years fishing Stevens Point. Was nice to at least have some action I guess. Bring on the ice!!

Sept 18th 2003 to October 8th 2003

Well I have had some good trips since my last entry. Nothing around home, but I did have two successful panfishing trips to the pipe at Point. Even though the weather was horrible (quite cold), the fish still bit. Got some nice sized gills on waxies setting about 6 feet deep off shore. The fish bit really light however. I did miss my fair share. I could have easily limited out but I was selective on size. My one trip for walleye fishing was a bust. I fished downtown at blackbridge even into the evening. No good sized fish. Water is really low. Back to Point this weekend.

And of course, I can still go out to Beckers and kill the yellow bass at will.

October 8th - December 11th 2003

My my my, what a long time it has been since I have checked in with my log. Shame shame. Well I have had pretty good luck since my last entry. In the remainder of October I had some good sucess with gills at the pipe in Point. Also, late October I was fishing at Lake Eau Claire and did ok for perch. It was cold and windy, but I battle the elements in my dad's pontoon and wasn't going home w/out fish. I got 22 I think. Then later on in November I think I fished a once or twice as deer hunting took center stage. I did good again for gills again at the pipe. Then now for first ice. I went out to the pipe (of course) and got about 22 gills last weekend (December 6th). The were pretty nice, mostly from 7-8 inches. The ice was oh so thin though. I will be out again this weekend.

December 11th-December 26th

Back to Manitowoc County for ice fishing. Well, let me backup. I was at Point Dec 12-13th for some great backwater bluegill action. After that I did stop and fish Dells Millpond by Fall Creek on December 21st. The action there was not too good, maybe 3 keepers. After that I have fished Long Lake mostly. I have got a few keepers but nothing great. I fished Little Elkhart too. My cousin had been cleaning house for gills there, but I only got little ones. What a waste of 4 hours.

December 27th to year end

I guess 2003 was all in all a halfway decent year fishing. Before I summarize, I would like to report on my luck in my last trip. My and Andy went out to Long again on New Years Eve Day. We fished the south end again. Found the fish pretty easily. However, as always, they seemed to be lacking in size. Andy did however catch what was probably the second largest bluegill I have ever seen caught there. (I might have got a bigger one a few years ago). I grow tired of the small fish there. Bullhead anyone?? Anyways, now for a summary of 2003. As I said 2003 was a pretty good year. It wasn't a good year for walleye fishing for me, save for redbridge in the spring. The fall walleye fishing was non-existant. However, what I lost in Fall walleye I gained in fall Panfish at Point. I got real nice gills all the way into November off shore. Some real nice ones for sure. This year also was the year I located the yellow bass in Beckers Lake. Now I can quite easliy slaughter them at will. I guess I think my biggest dissapointment was not figuring out the pattern for the bluegills at Bullhead this summer. We had success in spring, but in summer my best trip was 10 big keepers. Well that's enough on 2003. Lets get out and hit 2004 with a passion.