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2005 Fishing Log

Summary of 2005

Thus far in 05 fishing has been so-so. On the down side, Long lake appears to have been stripped of its bluegills. My results, plus what I have hear from shantytown confirm this belief. There have been reports of some gills caught, but the numbers are way way way way down. Depressing, to say the least, as Long's bluegills were starting to come on. On the upside, crappie size and structure is improving at a measured pace at Long Lake. I am actually catching some keepable fish. Nothing over 10" yet this year. Beckers too seems to have displayed a slight increase in average size for the gills there. In any event, I am probably going to try a new lake soon to try and increase my catch size.

From first entry to April 19th
Wow, what happened? I know what happened, TAX SEASON. Yep, that's right, I do taxes now, so I have been a bit behind in posting here. The rest of ice season was ho hum. I got out to Beckers quite a few times. It is a fishery on the rebound from its 2001 hammering, but nothing amazing. A few days I did catch a good number of fish, but average size is still size. Was encouraging to see a rebound in the crappie #s. Didn't ever get out to Bullhead. Long lake I targeted only about 4 or 5 times. Got a good number of crapps each time, size improving. In retrospect, I wasted much of the season at Beckers. Now I at least feel I have a good understanding of the lake. Soon the yellow slaughter begins. The trip to MN was a good one. Had lots of fun. I hope to get out around Point this weekend!!

April 20th to June 6th

What have I been up to. There were a few trips of note. Went with Andy to Fox River is Oshkosh. Got some nice perch and Lesley got a 18" walleye. Not too bad. Also, went up to the lake house twice. Once was opening weekend. Got into the crappies pretty darn good first night. Nothing over 11" though. Got a good # of perch and gills in front of the house. The walleye fishing was fair at best, although Dad did get about a 20". I got two pike between 25 & 28. The next time I was there was last weekend. Did ok but never really pounded them in a spot, although the Sat afternoon was pretty good w/ gills. Biggest was probably around 9". I have moved to FDL and have fished in town at Lakeside Park. Not the best luck. A very small population of panfish appears to inhabit the park, other than that too many carp and sheephead. I tried for eyes once by the lighthouse, no dice. Then last night I went to Little Green Lake. I was quite impressed. For my first time, Lesley and I kept about 20 gills, nothing under 7.5". Threw back a good # of 7"s. Biggest was probably 8.5, so no big bullhead like slobs. This lake made Long and Beckers look rediculous. I now say w/ certainty, Bullhead is the only quality fishery in Manitowoc Co.

Wow, summer has really FLOWN BY. I haven't fished much at all. Very busy with home projects and trying to get the lake house rented out. I got out a bit here and there. Little Green, Monona in Madison, Lake Eau Claire. No real amazing outings. Did go real good for slob gills at Bullhead in Mid June.

Up Until Nov 7th, 2005

The summer was for the most part a disappointment as far as fishing. Lake Eau Claire had sporadic success at best. I got out to Bullhead once and did ok. Later in fall I went there and did horrible. Missed some nice ones though I think. Best success has been at Crooked Lake in Sheboygan Co. Got some nice gills. Good balanced lake. Average fish is over 6.5". I don't keep those, but it can throw some 8-9" fish your way to keep you interested. Was at Lake Eau Claire Saturday. Killed the perch. Got 3 that probably went close to 12". That lake always turns on in fall.