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113 Acres
14 feet deep
Northern: Common
LM Bass: Common
Panfish: Present
Nearest Town: 3 miles SE of Chetek


Jeremy at

Panfish caught at Bass Lake. This is my brother Israel in about 1997.



Jeremy Says: Nice Lake. Has a lot of nice Crappies and Bluegills. Lots of them. Best time to hit them is in the spring. Try going on the opposite shoreline of the boat landing. If you are going early in spring, try to hit the 6ft flats for nice gills. I really like this lake. Catches of fish in the hundreds were not uncommon. I fished the lake in early June of 2002 and caught mostly small fish, however it was after a snap of unusually cold weather. Hopefully it was because of the cold weather and not because the lake was fished out. Try your luck.

Bait Shops

There are many baitshops in the town of Chetek.

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