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1841 acres
53 feet deep
Northern: Common
Walleye: Common
LM Bass: Common
SM Bass: Common
Panfish: Present
Nearest Town: 1/2 mile east of Mikana, also 2 miles SE of Birchwood.

Me with a 19in Walleye. Summer 1997.


Jeremy at


Jeremy Says: I used to stay at the resort on Red Cedar Lake. The lake has a good fishery for predator fish, but it is not the panfishery that Hemlock is. For panfish, try the shallows between Red Cedar Lake and Hemlock Lake to the south during early summer- around the little islands and stuff. I have just killed the slabby gills there. Haven't been to Red Cedar in a good while, would like to get there soon someday. (Comments as of 2/13/2003)

Bait Shops

There is a gas station with bait in Mikana.

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