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32 acres
52 feet deep
Northern: Present
Walleye: Present
Largemouth Bass: Present
Panfish: Common
Nearest Town: 3 miles South of Brillion


Jeremy at


Jeremy Says: After concentrating on Beckers greatly in the spring this year, I can give you a pretty good rundown of the lake, at least from the panfish prospective. I know there are bass and pike in the lake, but I wouldn't hold your breath there. So as far as panfish, there are a few stray perch around I catch on occasion. Then there are the Yellow Bass, ie parasitic invader, that are in the lake. They are not bad tasting and they do grow to edible size. However, they are competition for Bluegill and Crappie. Bluegill in the lake are mostly small. You will catch a decent one here and there. It is not what it used to be. In the spring of 2002 I was catching nice, 8"+ gills from shore. Then, in the winter of 2002 the lake was "raped" by valley fishermen who decided any bluegill over 6" was a "keeper". This decimated the large bluegill population. I mean, when you have 40 fishermen on Beckers every weekend, its going to do it. So the lake is off my bluegill list for at least another year. There is an encouraging development though. I did get a few crappie this spring. They all were small, but at least they are surviving. Now go out and kill some Yellow Bass. dtd 8-10-2004


Basket of gills and yellow bass May 2002

Yellow Bass Everywhere, July 2003

Bait Shops

Prochnow's Live Bait
To get there locate Reedsville WI on a map. Take Manitowoc Rd West out of town (Its the only Road going west out of town besides Hwy 10) After about 4 miles, you will come to a stop sign. Trun left. You should be going south on Long Lake Rd. After a very short while the road will make a sweeping left curve. On the curve, take a right on E County Line Rd (may be called Long Lake Rd). After you go about an eighth of a mile you will see it on the right hand side of the road.

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