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11 acres
50 feet deep
Largemouth Bass: Common
Panfish: Common
Trout: Common
Nearest Town: 1 mile South of Brillion

Catches made at Round Lake by Joey and Robert- 1998.

Nice 11 inch crappie

Bass caught from Round Lake- Nick is very young here

A small trout (Jan 2001), Adam with a typical panfish for winter 00-01


Jeremy at
Nick at


Jeremy Says: Round Lake is a fishery in transition. In the summer of 1999 there was a severe kill. Many panfish and bass were lost. The DNR strangely can never give you a straight answer why. They say it was lack of Oxygen. Then why weren't the trout killed off? Trout need a lot of oxygen. Why are there lots of trout now caught in Round now, there never used to be until after the kill. It is a far out theory, but perhaps the DNR poisoned the lake to help the trout get a firmer foot hold in the lake. They are always planting trout in that lake. I don't know why, that lake gets too much runoff to grow healthy trout. Well enough venting. I still think there are Bass left, the DNR has been restocking them for 3 or four year since the kill- 2002 was the final stocking. You can still catch piles of small panfish. At least that was the story in the ice fishing 2001-2002 season. Some big ones are still left though rumor has it. The panfish population is about 1/3 bluegill to 1/3 pumpkinseed, to 1/3 cross. I think the lake will return to normal in about 2-3 years, maybe 2005 or 2006. But for now, if you want to just have the kids catch fish, why not go to Round. Too bad. Round was a great lake. Now its a waste of time.

Bait Shops

Prochnow's Live Bait
To get there locate Reedsville WI on a map. Take Manitowoc Rd West out of town (Its the only Road going west out of town besides Hwy 10) After about 4 miles, you will come to a stop sign. Trun left. You should be going south on Long Lake Rd. After a very short while the road will make a sweeping left curve. On the curve, take a right on E County Line Rd (may be called Long Lake Rd). After you go about an eighth of a mile you will see it on the right hand side of the road.

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