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145 acres
38 feet deep
Northern: Present
Walleye: Common
Smallmouth Bass: Present
Panfish: Present
Nearest Town: 6 miles South of Commonwealth/Florence




Levi Says: This is a typical flowage of northern WI. Lots of huge rock outcroppings and rust colored water. Since the flowage is aging there is not much vegitation besides the remaining tree stumps scattered about the basin. Walleyes are the main attraction, but you have to work for them. Try a jig and a minnow/leech alongside the stumps. After dark, slip bobbers along the first breaklines on the norhteast corner of the flowage should get some action. Spring is a great time to get right in the river on the west side. Depending on the water level, fish may hold in the river all year. Don't expect a lot of fish, but I have caught 5 and 6 pounders here. Smallmouth Bass fishing can be awsome on this lake. Last year I caught 2 consecutive 18 inchers along the west side on floating minnnow baits. If timed right, every cast can yeild a fish. Beware of northerns. They inhabit the same territory in spring and early summer. Don't be surpridsed to set the hook and find out a northern has taken your best smallie lure. Crappie fishing can also be great. Agian, timing is everything up here. Small spinners like panther matins can catch them if you find them. A huge bonus on this lake is the scenery. Bald Eagles and Osprey accupy the area and Loons are common. I have seen dear and bear along the shorelines. Much of the surrounding land is owned by the local power company and for a few bucks you can pitch a tent in their campgrounds (3 sites) or you can load up the boat and camp on any of the numerous points that extend into the lake.

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