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417 acres
47 feet deep
Northern: Common
Walleye: Common
Largemouth Bass: Common
Panfish: Abundant
Nearest Town: 9.5 SW of Plymouth


Jason at (Unknown if this e-mail address still works), or call at 920-451-1521, or call his fishing buddy Bill at 920-452-4899.


Jason Says: For Walleye try early morning of Benson's resort in 8-12 feet of water. Use a slip bobber and minnows. For Northern get to the north end of the lake by Chinatown. Use some different husky jerks and drift toward the shore. For Panfish use worms or grubs on the east shoreline by the beaches. Bass can be caught everywhere. My favortie is in 5-15 feet if water on the east end using the banjo minnow. There are a lot of sandbars by the resort and by the beaches. The north end of the lake has a lot of weeds, and the west end has a lot of logs. I haven't fished the west end much because I have had so much luck in other places. Good Luck.

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