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67 acres
40 feet deep
Muskie: Present
Walleye: Common
Northern: Present
Largemouth Bass: Common
Panfish: Abundant
Nearest Town: 4.5 miles South of Brillion

Bluegills from Bullhead Lake

Ice Fishing Catches (Jan 2000) & 13-inch crappie from Bullhead

Here's a another nice one caught by Joey, June 2000.

Crappies from Bullhead, winter 2001

Bullgills, May 2001

Nice bass by accident, June 2002

Bluegills from the 04 spawn


Jeremy at


Jeremy Says: (08/10/2004) Bullhead is probably Manitowoc County's best, yet toughest lake. It is the lake of Satan. Panfish are not super numerous, but are large. 12in bluegills not extremely Rare. Bass are of good number (nearly overpopulated) and size, probably an A-1 Bass Lake in my opinion. Crappies are extremely nice however Pop is not too huge I think anymore, they used to be much more numerous. According to some rumors, the perch population is nice also. Muskie are still around. Northern that were planted a few years ago to take care of the small bass explosion are now being caught. I saw a nice one surface this year. Walleyes are still around. Bullhead in winter is VERY tough. Early summer the lake is not too difficult though for spawning fish. In summer the lake returens to its very difficult to find fish condition. The big gills scatter and there tough to find in good number. Good Luck!!

Bait Shops

Prochnow's Live Bait

To get there locate Reedsville WI on a map. Take Manitowoc Rd West out of town (Its the only Road going west out of town besides Hwy 10) After about 4 miles, you will come to a stop sign. Trun left. You should be going south on Long Lake Rd. After a very short while the road will make a sweeping left curve. On the curve, take a right on E County Line Rd (may be called Long Lake Rd). After you go about an eighth of a mile you will see it on the right hand side of the road.

Stocking records for this lake

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