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This page is a little different from the others. Mud Creek is a Creek that runs right through my hometown and drains into the Collins Marsh about 4 or five miles south of my town (Reedsville). The Collins Marsh is right to the east of the small village of Collins. The marsh's fish species primarily consist of Carp, Northern, Bullhead, and some Perch. There used to be northern caught right by my old high school in town, but not anymore. The best spot to fish the creek itself is near the Hilltop Rd Bridge. You just take Hwy W south from Reedsville, the take the second rd on your left, go a little ways and there is a bridge. There are mostly Northerns and Carp here. You may also want to walk down the road a little ways where there are more areas to fish. Where are the Perch? You would have to take a canoe south from the bridge and into the woods and there fish the stumps.

If you drive all of the way to Collins and fish the Marsh by the dam you will mostly catch Bullheads, Northern, and Carp. Rumor has it, that if you take a canoe way up to the top of the marsh and fish the deep channel where the creek first enters the marsh, that is where the best fishing is. I will answer any more of your additional questions.

Nathan (brother) with pike from below Dam (1999). 26in Pike got at Hilltop Rd bridge-Me 1997

22-inch northern from Collins Marsh (Nick)

Me and Lesley with snagged Carp S. of Hilltop Rd Bridge, April 2000.

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