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105 Acres
36 Feet Deep
Northern: Common
Walleye: Common
LM Bass: Common
Panfish: Common
Trout: Present
Nearest Town: 2.25 NW of Amherst


Jeremy at


I have only been to this Lake a few times, but I can tell you somethings about it. The lake is very clear and has a nice white marl/stone bottom. It seems to have a nice active northern population. The bass are also well sought after here. I saw the biggest bass of my life here, it was following up a 10" northern I had on. I also here that the lake holds lots of big gills if you can find them. Smaller gills more numerous. Crappies also are around. As far as where to fish, I only really fished a "spot" once. When I went last summer we went all over the lake casting for Northern. As far as my ice fishing experience, I went amongst the shanties and we got a fair amount of fish. If you don't use an orange or yellow jig don't bother, the fish are very color picky. Locals seemt to think this is the best inland lake in Portage Co. (02/13/2003

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