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15 acres
42 feet deep
Northern: Present
Largemouth Bass: Common
Panfish: Abundant
Nearest Town: 2 miles West of Howards Grove


Levi at (This address no longer works).
Jeremy at


Levi Says: This lake is a small typical "bowl" lake that is limited to no motors. There is a small feeder creek on the west and near the boat launch. The boat launch is well developed with a lot of room. This is one of the few docks that you can fish off and actually catch decent fish. Crappies and largemouth make up the majority of the catch with panfish and northern pike pretty common. Small, quiet lures will work best for the bass and northern. Small minnows and/or waxworms will produce bluegills and crappies. As it is pretty common on these glacier lakes, morning and evening will be the best time of day. The bass will hang around the slope, which can extend quite a ways into the lake. Concentrate on any wood that is along the shore. Shorelines gently slope to around 12 feet, then drop off sharply.

Jeremy Says: (2/13/2003) This lake holds some very nice bluegills. I only fished the lake twice myslelf back in 1998. It definately warrants a trip to. After spring I hear the fishing slows down. I think in 1999 there was some kind of kill, and now larger panfish are coming back.

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