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I have decided to start this page to keep everyone up to date on what I am doing.

Entry Date: (12/21/99).
Ice Status: presumed safe
I have not gotten to Bullhead yet this year. Me and Nick did well here this summer. We plan to finally figure out ice fishing here, going after nice Bluegills.
Ice Status: 6 inches+
I went out in the afternoon. A lot of people hole hopping trying to find the fish. Nick showed up about 45min before I was to leave. It was then right at the end we found the Bluegills. I missed some, one that came off in the hole was big, and one I git was small. So it looks as if they were all sizes. I fished right off bottom, 22ft.
Ice Status: 6 in
Went out in early afternoon. 2 bites. I fished in 24 feet. I did mark fish though, I had one big school swim through at 18 feet. Will try on Sat.
Ice Status: 8 in or more
Was out for a while in late afternoon into the evening. Got some crappies, also bluegills before dark.
Ice Status: Close to a foot
Was out again today in late afternoon. Got some nice bluegills and Crappies. It was fun.
Ice Status: 12"+ Got out late in the afternoon. It a bit slower, but still some decent action. They seem to start to hit between 3:45 and 4:30pm.
Ice Status: 14-16" Got out in the afternoon. There seems to be a small shanty town forming out here. The action was slow. I got 1 bluegill and 1 crappie. I think the best thing to do out here now would be to night fish for crappies.

Entry Date: 12/26/99
Ice Status: ?
I think me and Nick may try to put out tip-ups here.
Ice Status: Safe
Nick and some freinds put out some tip-ups at the dam. No luck. Nick also checked at Hilltop road and saw a bunch of holes. He said he is going to try at Hilltop next.

LONG LAKE, Manitowoc Co
Entry date: (12/21/99).
Ice Status: known safe
I guess a freind of Nick's was out here on last Sunday. Got four nice perch and a flag. Another group out there got 2 Northern, sizes unknown. I plan to hit this lake soon for Crappies.
Ice Status: 5-6 inches
Fishing was excellent. Nick got a 26' Northern later in the day, and I got a ton of medium to small bluegills. Got a few Crappies too. I will be back as soon as I can.
Ice Status: 5-6 inches
My brother Israel went out with his friend Steve. They got about 13 gills and 2 Crappies. The action must have been a bit slower, and the fish appeared a bit smaller, but all in all still a pretty good day fishing.
Ice Status: More
I guess Nick was out here a while today. Got some more Bluegills but it appears to be slowing down out here.
Ice Stutas: 7 inches
Isreal was out with Eric in the afternoon. More Bluegills, over 20. I went out at night. I got a few Crappies, also a few Gills. Kind of slow.
Ice Status: holding
Nick and his dad were out today. Got about 50 gills, kept about 34. The fishing has been outstnding here. I hope the lake doesn't get fished out. I guess that there are a lot of shanties out here now. With warmer weather the fishing should stay good. All of our fishing is done out from the boatlanding. Could anyone tell me what they are catching around the bend?
01/04/2000 Ice Status: 7 inches
I went out again at night for Crappies and fished by the shanty village that has formed on the lake. I got one fish, but marked quite a few. I guess that they just weren't biting.
Ice Status: holding
My brother went out. Not much doing. Tons of shacks out, I think the fish got all spooked out.

TUMA LAKE, Manitowoc Co
Entry Date: (12/21/99).
Ice Status: Presumed safe
I don't plan on getting out here anytime soon. If anyone has news on it tell me please.
Entry Date: (02/05/2000)
ICe Status: 12"+
Tried the spot that is always fished, left of the landing. No luck. I guess they were catching fish by the flat though in 16ft.
Entry Date: 02/19/2000
Ice is a foot and a half feet thick
Me and Nick went out and tried the flats there. All we got was little bass. I think that this will be our last trip here.

ROUND LAKE, Calumet Co
Entry Date: (12/21/99).
Ice Status: presumed safe
Strange things happened in this lake during summer. I do not plan on ice fishing this lake, but if you do tell me how things are going.
Ice Status: Safe
Nick and one of his freinds went out to look around. They talked to some guys that were coming off the lake. Lets just say they caught some trout. Nick went out the next day to try and get some of these trout. Got a few bites but not much else. I think he may attempt here again.
Ice Status: 8 in
Just an interesting note, I guess there are Trout hitting out here if you can find them.

LAKE JONAS, Portage Co
Entry date: (12/21/99).
Ice Status: 4-5 inches
Was out there today. Got a fair amount of bites, but only got one bluegill. I fished in the NW corner of the lake in about 15-20 ft of water. I would have fished longer, but it was freezing. I am going home tommorrow so I won't be getting much fishing in Portage Co. for a while.
Entry Date: (1/26/2000)
Ice Status: 16 inches
I was out tonight for a bit. I got a miss and one little crappie. It was too cold to stay out long.
Entry Date: (01/30/2000)
Ice Status: 16 inches
Was out in the afternoon. I got 2 gills and two perch. I was using waxies, should have had minnows. Missed a lot of those perch. The action was so-so.
Entry date: 02/01/2000
Ice Status: Too thick
Me and Brandon got out for night fishing. Only five Crappies though. The action was kind of slow, but it was fun to get out though. We were in 17 feet and were using minnows.
Entry Date: 02/02/2000
Ice Status: Very Thick
I was out in the afternoon. The action continues to be slow. I got a few gills and a perch.
Entry Date: 02/12/2000
Tournament weekend. The fishing was slow. We didn't hardly get any fish worth keeping at all. I wonder if this lake has any real decent fish.