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This site is owned by, and info on it is collected by Jeremy Burri.
This site was originally setup by Jerold Korinek.
Thank you Jerold very much.
If you are overly paranoid, click here to see Jerold's PGP key.

I, Jeremy Burri hale from Reedsville WI. Well, I lived in Rice Lake until I was four, then moved to near Elkhart Lake. I live there from the time I was 4 until I was 9. After 3rd grade we moved to Reedsville, and that was where we stayed and I graduated. I now go to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, majoring in Economics and Minoring in Biology and Business. I enjoy fishing very much, especially with my girlfriend of 5+ years, Lesley. Fishing is better when you go with someone you love. I will be working after Graduation at Richard Belke Associates in New Holstein WI as a financial representative.


Levi provided info on many of our lakes and has his own homepage (click here). , but I don't know if it is updated anymore or if it works.
If you liked that site you might be interested in It is an excellent site.

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