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SPRING,SUMMER and the rest of 2001


Round Lake

May 28th, 2001
Evening off shore.
Tried a few spots, fish everywhere, none of size. Got 2 small crappies though, interesting. Also, trout were jumping everywhere in the lake. A trout fisherman could have a ball.

6/20/01--Just some news from a friend. Althought there are tons of stunted fish now in Round, I guess a few nice ones can still be caught.

Beckers Lake

May 19th 2001
Time: Afternoon
Results: Went off shore with girlfriend's little siblings. Got quite a few nice bull gills on the right side there. It was surprising to catch such nice fish on Beckers.

May 25th,2001
Afternoon Again
Could see a lot of beds, but the fish weren't on them. Got about 12 fish in about 2 or so hours. About half females and half males, threw the females back. The females were really ready to spawn. I think they spawned last weekend, or this cold snap stopped them and they are starting again. Fishing should be good yet for a while.

May 28th, 2001
Tried just for a bit off shore, pretty slow, a few bites that was it. Not a lot of action out in the boats either from what I could see.

May 30th, 2001
Results: Got out to the lake about 7. Pretty slow, did find some fish on the south shoreline. Also a guy off shore was doing real well too.


Lake Eau Claire

April 27-28th, 2001

Fished Friday night and Saturday, with limited success. The crappies are not in shallow water, we tried shallow water and all we got were northern and walleye. An interesting note on all the walleye we got were that they were not spawned out yet. Also we tried a couple of spots on the main channel, but not a fish there. The best success was found around where the river comes into the lake, down and around that channel and nearby flat. We did get a few (about 6 or 7) crappies, ranging in all sizes, a few walleyes, and a nice 12" perch in that spot.

May 12th, 2001
Time: All Day
Results: Over the course of the day we got 2 legal walleyes and about 25 nice panfish. We got some nice perch in the old channel of Muskrat Creek where it comes into the lake. The crappies we got were in the backwaters by strucure, but there were not many. The bluegills and sunfish we got were also in the shallows in the backwaters. It was not a bad weekend.

May 20th & 21st
Results: Fished the evening on the 21st before all the cold weather came. Got a good amount of gills back in the rookery. But then the cold front hit on the 21st. Bluegills shut off in shallows, got a few. Also a few nice perch in various spots. Walleye bite was ok, got two legals 21st evening.

June 3rd & 4th
Results: The yucky weather may have stopped the panfish cold in their tracks, but the walleyes were hitting well. Most times we came back with at least 3 legals. Big fish were lost. The biggest fish of the weekend was caught by me, 21.75 inch walleye.

June 17th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: Fished back at the river mouth flat before skid row. Before eight PM all we got was a small pike and 2 nice perch. After 8 till 8:40 we got 6 nice crappie and 2 legal walleye and numerous misses. Not a bad outing.

August 10th & 11th
Both evenings. Fishing was poor, a few crappies both nights and maybe a small walleye. Otherwise nothing.

October 5th & 6th, 2001
Went out both late afternoons in the channel area by the A frames. Crappie fishing was pretty good on Friday, but not on Saturday. Not much at all for Walleyes. Friday was by far the better day.


Bullhead Lake

May 18th, 2001
Time: Evening
Fairly Decent results, 13 keepers. Ten gills and 3 crappies. Crappies weren't concentrated in any one area. The big gills were all females (not spawned out) off deep weed edges. They were a ways off from spawning too. There were beds all over in the shallows, but nothing on them? (weird)

May 28th, 2001
Time: Evening before the rain
Absolutely almost nothing, one small basss. The lake was being a real prick. Hopefully this is not a sign for the whole summer to come.

May 30th, 2001
Results: Nothing at all, I think Bullhead needs a break until warmer weather rolls around.

July 30th, 201
Results: We fished around in about 10-14ft of water with a few keepers, mainly around 8 or so pm. Couldn't find any real huge gills though. They must be suspended, in way shallow, or out real deep. They aren't in the intermediate range.

Cato Falls

April 8th, 2001
Time: Afternoon
Results: Just went down to basically look around. Saw a lot of people fishing. A guy on lake-link said that people were typically catching 1-2 northerns here. Should be looking good next weekend.

Long Lake August 9th, 2001
It was very hot, nothing suspended. Fish jumping all over in the shallows. Got about 5 keeper Bluegill, that was it. I guess earlier in the week when it was cooler they were getting quite a few from shore.

Tuma Lake

June 6th, 2001
Results: Got a few small ones. Lake is not right, weeds are hardly growing at all, seems sterile. Would venture there was some winterkill last year. Never went out there and had such lack of fish, not even your usual crop of little ones.


Lake Joanis

May 8th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: Interesting results. Crappies are not in the shallows yet, water is still kind of cold. Some gills are in though. Got a few half way decent ones. Also a friend that was with me got a nice walleye. Fisheries Society and DNR was there later in the night. I guess they shocked like a 5lb smallmouth.

May 15th, 2001
Time: Late Evening
Results: A few gills and a little bass from shore, crappies not in yet :( and I go home in two days.

Mid Sept 2001
Results: Lake Joanis hasn't been too productive, a few small panfish. Also some ok Bass. I did however lose a large fish last night (9/20/01)


Below Du Bay Dam:

April 1st, 2001
Time: Afternoon
Results: Fished a ways down from the dam by a little boxelder tree. I got three walleyes in the 11-13in range in about 1 1/2 hrs. This was about the typical rate that everyone was catching them at.

April 2nd, 2001
Time: Morning
Results: We fished the landing side at Dubay Dam. Not too swell, 2 walleyes in about 1.5 hrs with about 9 people fishing.

April 3rd, 2001
Time: 4-7:45pm
Results: Fishing from shore was painfully slow. Almost had about a 28" pike, and I did get a real small walleye. That was it.

April 4th, 2001
Time: Morning
Results: Out with the fishing class again. We got one fish, we fished on the landing side of the river. One guy off shore did get a legal one about 19 inches.

April 16th, 2001
Time: Morning
Results: Slow and cold.

September 26th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: Small walleye, very small. Fished right up close to the dam.

December 15th, 2001
Results: A few hits, and a lot of snags.

Beaver Dam on Dam Rd

April 25th, 2001
Time: Morning
Results: Got some pike (4) while trying to catch crappie. All pike were 28-33 inches. Nice fish!!

Inlet on W River Rd

April 18th, 2001
Time: Morning
Results: Mostly slow, one 28" muskie.

Blue Heron Landing:

April 4th, 2001
Time: Afternoon
Results: Nothing

Below the Dam in the City of Point:

April 1st 2001
Time: Afternoon
Results: Thought I would try here by the drainage pipe. Nothing.

April 4th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: Still no fish here.

Mid Sept 2001
I was out today (9/21), got a few Catfish and small bass. No wallleye or crappie yet.

October 9th, 2001
Time: Evening
Got out to the spot at about 5:00, but really didn't have much luck until 6:40 or so. Fish bit between 6:40 and near seven. Got 5 Crappie and 1 gill. Also a smallie.

October 16th & 23rd
The fishing here for walleyes has been picking up some. Got two legal ones last time I was out. A lot of smaller guys too. Was a lot of fun. No Crappies though.

October 27, 2001
Time: 3-7
Results: Not a good night on the water. Alls we got was two non-legal walleye and a tiny bass. Not too fun.

October 30 & Nov 1
Went out both days in the evening. First night was rainy and real cold. Got a few crappies and a few small walleyes. Not much else. Second night was better. Good amount of walleye, one legal.

November 13th & 15th
Time: 4:30-
Walleyes biting fairly consistantly, one legal the first night and 3 the second

November 29th
Time: 5:50pm to 8:45pm
The walleyes were hitting lightly but consistantly. Missed about 10 fish, got about 6. One was a nice 17.5 inch fat one. Not a bad night.

First week in December
Walleyes bit well some nights, bad other nights. Some decent cats also. A big stinky carp too. One legal during the time span, 17inches.

Second and Third week
The walleye bite began well in the first part of the second week, but deteriorated rapidly. Fishing here has not been good.

In Town, Hwy 10 Bridge: Bank 1

April 4th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: Nothing.

Sept 2001
Results: Rock bass and a smallie, Walleye not here yet.

Oct 9th and 11th
Results: few walleye both nights, the biggest was 13in. They're coming.

October 16th
Was out this night with some friends, one fish but it was a legal so we were happy.

Nov 1st
Was out for a short bit here. 2 non-legal walleye, 13" & 14"

Nov 15th 2001
Time: Late Evening
Had a few on, none netted. The ones that were on though were of good size.

RedBridge and Pipe area:

May 1 & 2nd
Time: Evenings
Results: Got a lot of nice gills, also crappies. Was a blast. Some of the biggest crappies were over 13in and the bluegills were 7-9 inches. Good fish.

May 9th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: Did get some real nice gills and a few crappies, but not the numbers that I got last week. Also all of the fish were tight to shore and structure. Must be getting closer to spawn.

Sept 2001
Bluegill fishing had been good until the 18th of September and cooler weather came in. Before that nice gills and a few crappies. Also a few walleye.

Sept 27th, 2001
Time: Evening
A few bluegills being caught, at Pipe. A few nice ones. All on worms. Not much at all at Red Bridge. At the slough past Red Bridge I got some small perch. Not a nice night out.

Later October
I haven't been out myself but I hear the crappie have been picking up. Saw some old guys leave there with a bucket of nice ones. They said they were there early like at 5:30am, and that is the only time they bite. Good Luck.

December 15th 2001
We were out looking for ice. Had some minnows and tried it out a while. Got some good hits on the larger minnows, and got some tiny perch.

Bukolt Park:

April 9th, 2001
Time: Morning
Results: The fishing class went here this morning. Got 2 small walleye. Slow.

April 10th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: The walleyes were biting, but they unfortunately were small. Did get one nice crappie. Just wish the walleyes were keepable.

April 18th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: I actually was out in a boat this time with a friend of mine. We stay very close to the park area. Did fairly well. About 30 Walleye, one legal 16". Also 10 crappie and a big perch. Was a good night of fun.

April 24th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: Good fishing continues on the river. Got 17 crappies 8-12 inches all. Not as many walleyes though. Also one of my friends did get a small shovelnose sturgeon. It was an interesting experience.

May 15th, 2001
Time: Evening
Results: Nothing, not a good time on the river.

Below 2nd Dam

April 23rd 2001
Time: Morning
Results: Out with the fishing class again. The only walleyes caught were got in the really shallow water in the little bay that down from the spillway there.

Fall 2001
I have had several other trips out here, but none successful, just small walleyes.