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Witch Grass Coven



The Witch Grass Coven does not at this time provide distant learning. We are located in New Orleans, Louisiana!

The Witch Grass Coven was started on March 16th, 2000 in Tacoma, Washington. We are based in the NROOGD Tradition. We are a child friendly coven, meaning we accept members with children, and encourage them to bring their children to coven meetings and Circles.

The members of this coven have a wide range of interest and backgrounds. From Traditional to eclectic. From Egyptian to Celtic. Our primary focus is that of NROOGD and it's traditional roots.

Our training starts in the traditional roots of NROOGD and the original rituals. We have added our own flavor to this, and to extend the training, but we are based in the Traditional NROOGD system.

We are open to new members at this time. We have made some changes to membership, please go to the new members page to find out more.

This website is primarily for the use of the coven to explore. Not all training material can or will be found on this site.

"A religion that takes no account of practical affairs and does not help to solve them is no religion." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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