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Pete's Theater

So this website is receiving an update as of November, 2005.  It has been in existence since 1999 when I lived in the Woodbridge Apartments in Texas, thus its name.

Since then I have moved to Hawaii and will be moving back to the mainland again in 2006.    Several components have been switched out since then; as well  my overall interest has dimmed somewhat as I find it hard to watch movies with a family in a noisy home environment.  That's not to say I still don't enjoy it--but a weekly movie is a thing of the past.  Maybe once Blue Ray and other emerging technology solidifies, I will feel the need to update and the bug will once again bite.

Here is what my current home theater looks like.  Also visit me at:  Musings of the ArmySlowRdr


Clickie on picture for details on equipment, my DVD collection and to contact information.