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Orange County Colorguard Circuit

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You have reached the website for the OCCC Solo/Small Ensemble show and OCCC Spinning Summer Camps

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Complete your season with an excellent educational opportunity.  Let your students create, design and perform their own routines and receive professional, positive comments from an esteemed panel.
May 19th 2018

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Colorguard Solo & Ensemble Competition
Orange County Colorguard Circuit (OCCC) offers students a unique opportunity to explore show design and choreography while they take their performance to a whole new level. Individuals and small groups (5 or fewer students) are invited to perform choreographed work before a crowd and professional judges while they compete for honors and awards.
OCCC Offers...
For Instructors
* An exciting way to encourage your  students to develop their skills beyond the Winterguard season.
* A fun activity that supports standards-based instruction related to:
  • choreography development
  • interpretation of music
  • critical thinking and analysis as students design their own shows
  • performance goals

* A new venue to showcase your students' talents.

* A chance to work with students individually and help them focus on areas critical to their own development.

* Feedback from professional judges to help take students to the next level.

For Students

* Fun!!

* A chance to develop their colorguard skills ~ building on their existing strengths and perhaps exploring a brand new technique or piece of equipment.

* An opportunity to learn about the struggles and joys of choreography and show design, including everything from selection of music, costumes and equipment to staging and team-building.

* A place to shine as individuals and perform for a wider audience beyond their own school's Spring showcase.

* Individualized feedback (tapes and scores) from professional judges.

* Although the focus of the competition will be on cheering individual performers, there are plenty of opportunities to win prizes at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels as well as specialty awards (best choreography, best show design, etc.)

Where: Woodbridge High School
2 Meadowbrook, Irvine, CA
Contact: Brad Harris -
For solos and small ensembles choreographed by students. Professional judges will provide individual feedback to each performer/group. Multiple awards given including specialty awards.

Woodbridge Colorguard Home Page - click here

Woodbridge H.S. Location of the competition.
Please get in touch to offer comments, ask questions and join our mailing list for the most up-to-date competition and camp information!

You can e-mail us at:

Hosted by Woodbridge High School ASB
Contact: Brad Harris -