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Little End, Marshfield

I have traced my earliest Woodham ancestors to the small village of Marshfield in southern Gloucestershire, England. Woodhams resided in the village and surrounding area for many generations, and some were quite well known to the local magistrate (see my page 'convicts and criminals').  Towards the last part of the 19th century, my branch of Woodhams moved to Leeds, Yorkshire, and in the 1950s, my grandparents moved to Australia with their young family.
My research has concentrated on all Woodhams from the Marshfield area, not just my branch of the family. There were so many that, in the early days, I just scribbled down anything to do with a Woodham, so I have now amassed quite a substantial amount of information. I've also started to slowly compile information on Woodhams from Yorkshire.
Most of the information I have gathered has come from the Family Records Centre (FRC) in London and the Gloucestershire Records Office (GRO) in Gloucester. Where I have obtained information from the FRC, I have included the registration district, folio and page numbers so that you can order certificates on-line. I can't guarantee that they're correct though! I'd like to think they are, but with any research, there is the possibility of human error!
Here is a list of other surnames/districts in my tree:
Southern Glocestershire/Northern Somerset: Crump, Lugg/Legg, Salmoln, Walker, Bence, Camborn/Cambourne, Coles, Collins (North Stoke), Perkins(Bath), Wadham, Gar(d)ner, Perryman/Perriman, Stinchcombe (Hawkesbury), Hart
Colerne, Wilts: Mullins
Yorkshire: Hatfield, Fountain, Smart, Parker (Leeds), Thompson (Stokesley & Richmond), Scott (Leeds, Sheffield, Durham), Oakes (Leeds), Hill (Sheffield), Peacock, Cook (Leeds), Abbott (Richmond, Nth York) 
Upper/Lower Slaughter, Glos: Phipps, Danbury, Collett, Hanks
Buxton, Norfolk: Cook, Fitt
Oundle, Northamptonshire: Wilson/Willson, Southwell, Deacon
Dorset: Phipps, Dubbin/Dubben
I have information on these names, so please contact me if you would like further information. I don't get the chance to update my site often, and have much more information than what is contained on this site, so please contact me if you would like more information on anything.
Happy researching! :o)
UPDATED: 19 August 2006

High Street, Marshfield

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