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Terrence Mckenna
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Terence Mckenna
Are You Experienced

Terrence Mckenna (1946-2000) is an occult scientist, who claims  he has worked out a computer model based on an intuitive decoding of the I Ching to prove, mathematically, that the end of the world will occur at 11:10 PM, December 22, 2012. Before you throw McKenna's claims into the wind, bear in mind that the ancient Mayan calendar, a calendar accurate to within minutes of years ends at precisely the same time... But McKenna is not just your everyday doomsday prophet.
Other theories of Mckenna's include human evolution through  a process of our ancestors adapting to the effects of psilocybin.  This I find to be the most interesting study of his, since we still do not know why our brain evolved so much within the past 10,000 years.  The unexamined variable (food)
His theory of Time Wave Zero seems to be the most significant research ever to be done by a human ever. He belives that there is a is the transcendental object at the end of time, a"disco ball" that reflects into the past.  Those reflected twinkling, refractive lights are religions, scientific theories, gurus, works of art, poetry, great orgasms, great paintings, etc. Anything that has, in Nietzsche's phrase, the "spark of divinity within it," is in fact, referent to the original force of the spark of all divinity unfolding itself within the confines of three-dimensional space.  This is what has been happening over the past thousands of years.
Terrence's studies with the I-Ching has led him to believe that there are two major factors in the evolution of the human race; habit & novelty.  He believes the I-Ching is not only an acient tradition passed down in eastern civilizations, but that it is also a possible basis for a new model of the relationship of time and the ingression/regression of novelty and habit.
Mckenna also believed that his visions from the drug DMT were so strange that they must be real.  DMT is a chemical released in the brain during sleep while in high states of R.E.M.
He has devoted his life to the never ending quest for knowledge.  I just wish I could have smoked some salvia divinorum with this guy.
Terence McKenna passed away at 2:15 AM Pacific time April 3, 2000. He died at peace and with people whom he loved and who loved him.