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Should we be Scared
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DESTRON-FEARING Electronic ID Background

Japanese Penis so smaa

RFIDRadio Frequency IDentification.

Most people are familiar with the laser scanning of bar codes in supermarkets to identify goods at the check-out line, and bar codes used by the postal service to automatically identify packages and letters. Destron-Fearing's electronic identification system provides essentially the same capability for the identification of animals, where an ID system using labels is not practical.  But are we animals I ask?
If anybody thinks this is over-stepping some boundaries, you are not alone.  This is just the first step to a global ID system.  And once u have a global ID system, you are under global control in a way.  You will lose all privacy in your life, upon entering a store, building, bank, u will be identified.  Once this is known, certain, status quo, will have to be obtained to access certain buildings.  All of this is just a begining, but after 9-11 I am sure that most Americans will jump at this as a protection measure.
Babies of the Future!?


Word of the month is right!  I can't believe that everyone is trippin so hard on this monkeypox hoop-la.  I do like the name, but how many times before we ruin the song.


Now they want us to get another shot?  A smallpox shot at that! I don't know if any of you are familiar with the first smallpox vaccinations, but they were thought to be a government identification system.
If you know anyone who has had a smallpox shot, than you know they have a mark on thier left or right arm, and also a number was assigned to them.
I know you say blah-blah, we all have numbers, we all have social security, driver's liscences, & SPN #'s.  But you weren't injected with anything when u recieved those. 
I myself am not going to get a vaccine, and I live in Texas, which to my knowledge is where this virus first entered from Africa.  Also on the street behind me,  a bird with the west nile virus was found.  All the authorities said was "be sure and where bug repellant"  Where is all the hoop-la there?
Five people died from West Nile virus last year, just in Harris County.
West Nile virus began in the United States on the East Coast and reached Texas for the first time in 2002, causing 202 confirmed human infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention blamed West Nile encephalitis for more than a dozen deaths in Texas.
In the four years since West Nile virus surfaced in North America, it quickly spread across the United States. With more than 4,000 reported human cases and 284 deaths attributed to the disease in 2002
And all they can say is "be sure and where bug repellant"  Fucking Amazing.