WOrkshop for Rehabilitation and Training of the Handicapped

The symbol alongside is taken from one end of a spanner signifying the present specialisation in the area of engineering industry. Looking more closely there are 2 hands protecting a flower with a missing petal. The hands support the physically handicapped.

The WORTH trust is an organisation founded in 1963 to impart vocational training and assist in the social and economic rehabilitation of all categories of persons with disabilities. It is based at Katpadi in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.


1962   Government  of  India  approves  the  Swedish  Red  
       Cross  Leprosy  Project
1963   Rehabilitation  industries  -  a  light  engineering  factory  
       established  at  Katpadi
1969   Rehabilitation  trust  registered
1973   Technical  training  centre   started  at  Katpadi
       Production  cum  training  centre  set  up  at  Tiruchirapalli
1974   Mrs.  Indira  Gandhi,  then   Prime  Minister  of  India  
       inaugurates  the  training cum  production  centre  at  
       Paranur,  Chengleput.
1976   Organisation  renamed  WORTH  trust
       Transitional  school  for  polio  affected  children  opened  
       at  Katpadi.
1982   Technical  training  centres  established  at  Tiruchirapalli  
       and  Pondicherry  Aproved  by   Indian National  Council  for  
       Vocational  Training.
1983   Pondicherry  production  centre  started.
1986   Rotary  WORTH  electronics  training  unit founded at Madras
1987   WORTH  plastics  established  at  Katpadi.
1988   Outreach  programme  started  with  Katpadi  as  base.
1989   WORTH  celeberates  silver  jubilee.
1993   Mobility  aids  development  unit  set  up.
1995   Rehabilitation  training  resource  centre  established  
       at  Katpadi.
       Development  work  on  new  campus  for  Tiruchirapalli   
       units  commences.


The  eminent   persons  who  are  associated  with  the  trust.

Mr.Subbaiah,Chairman,EID Parry,Murugappa group, Madras, Chairman
Mr.S.Viji,Jt.Managing Director,Brakes India, Madras, Vice Chairman
Mr.N.Reguraj,Managing Director, NTTF Industries, Bangalore,  Member
Mr.K.R.N.  Menon,  Arjay  management  services,  Madras,  Member
Mr.Sriram  Panchu,  Lawyer,  High  Court,  Madras,  Member
Mr.V.  Chidambaram,  Chairman,  India  Radiators,  Madras,  Member
Mr.S.  Krishnan,  Price  &  Co.,  Auditors,  Madras,  Member
Mr.L.M.  Menzes,  IAS  (Retired),  Madras,  Member
Mrs.Uma  Narayan,  SOS  Villages,  Madras,  Member
Mr.Ranjit  Pratap,  Industrialist,  Madras,  Member

CONTACT  :-  Mr.C.Antony  Samy,  
             Managing  Director  
             WORTH  trust  
             48,  New  Thiruvalam  Road
             Katpadi  -  632007,  Tamil  Nadu

Phone  :  91  -  416  -  42739
Fax    :  91  -  416  -  43939
Email  :  worth_trust@hotmail.com

Links to our units - learn more about us

Katpadi: The main unit of the trust
Tiruchirapally: Another unit of the trust
Pondicherry: One more unit of the trust
Chingleput: Yet another unit of the trust
Today and Tomorrow: Vision for tomorrow, today's achievements
Products for the Blind: A list of products we make for the blind