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Wyatt AgVentures

"Man owes his mere existence to the fact that the earth has 6 inches of top soil and that it rains."

Welcome to the home page of Michael & Tonia Wyatt and Wyatt AgVentures. This site is dedicated to introducing you to our family, and to our belief that our nation and our children are racing head long into an unprecedented health crisis.

Granted, today's food stuffs are plentiful, but do you ever stop to think about the amount of pesticides and preservatives used in the production of our food. Well, maybe you should....

We truly are what we eat, take a look at the Soil Basics page, showing the incomplete amino acids that are being ingested into our bodies.

Visit Sandhills Aquafarms and take a trip to beautiful White Tail Creek nestled in the sandhills of Nebraska.

We also want you to visit our family photo page to see the latest photos of each of us... This year our family started the next phase of development with the addition of our first grandchild, Blake Alan, born on May 13, 2003 to Jacob & Daphne. We are thrilled with the latest addition. He has to be the cutest baby I've ever seen. But maybe that is just Grandma talking.

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