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Method Man - Also Known As:

Meth Tical
Johnny Blaze
Ticallion Stallion
Hot Nikkels
Iron Lung
Ghost Rider


Real Name: Clifford Smith

Biography: Method Man is the most popular Wu-Tang member, he was born in East Meadows Hospital, Long Island, New York. Meth's parents separated when he was born and his father, Clifford Smith Senior, was in prison. His mother Genola lived in Staten, whilst his father was still in Long Island, he spent time some time with both his parents.. Meth left home at 13, and lived with friends in Staten. This is where he met The RZA (at that time known as Prince Rakeem), and RZA's cousins, The Genius & Ol' Dirty Bastard, who together, already had a group called 'All In Together Now', which was the original Wu-Tang... Method Man joined the trio, to form the building blocks of the Wu-Tang Clan. Meth was a hit from the very beginning, Meth's solo track 'M.E.T.H.O.D. Man' was one of the most popular Hip-Hop tracks of it's time, and it was only a year later that Meth released his debut album, 'Tical'. A hit to some, but a disappointment to others, 'Tical' was quoted by Method Man as "Rushed", so it was only a matter of time before people started talking about his next album. Meth's second album is due in 1998 and it'll be called 'T2: Judgement Day'.

Interesting Facts:

When the Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck, Method Man & U-God graced the internet chatting on SonicNet, they were faced with 1,200 people in the channel coming to speak with Wu, and if you've ever been in a chat room, you know that is a HUGE amount of people, the chat was so hectic that SonicNet server crashed.
Appears in the 'I'll Be There For You' video dodging bullets and evading arrest in order to bring home some tampons for his girlfriend.

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