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Biography: The Wu-Tang Clan exploded onto the Hip-Hop scene in early 1993 with their debut album 'Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers', originally an underground record, the album became famous with it's single 'Protect Ya Neck/Method Man', this joint had something for both the underground and the commercial side of Hip-Hop, 'Protect Ya Neck' was a lyrical onslaught which shook up the underground (also my favourite track), but the B-Side 'Method Man' really broke the Clan into the commercial scene. It was to be nearly 4 years before the Wu-Tang Clan released their second album, but to fill the void, a number of the Clan's members released their own solo records. Following the success of the first Clan LP, Method Man released his own solo joint, 'Tical' was a gem to some but a dissapointment to others, including Meth himself who felt the album was 'rushed', despite that, the album made Method Man the most popular Clan member and created another hit single, a duet 'Love Song' featuring Mary J Blidge, 'All I Need/I'll Be There For You' was a smash on the pop charts, world-wide. Ol' Dirty Bastard was the second Wu-Tang member to release his own solo project, entitled 'Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version', this album received similar criticism to 'Tical', some believed it was wack, where as others loved Dirty's 'Crazy' style and old school flavour. The next two solo albums were undisputed classics, Raekwon came first with 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx', an album dedicated to the gambino lifestyle of New York gangstas, his album started a 'Craze' in the Hip-Hop community, a number of rappers adopted his mafioso style, the album was a complex, multi-layered masterpiece. The next album 'Liquid Swords' from The Genius/GZA, brought the Clan back to their Shaolin roots, another very deep album delving into the real background of the Wu-Tang, explaining their hatred for A&R Executives and their beliefs, it also heralded some of the most exciting Wu-Tang videos. After nearly a year of Wu-Cameos and guest appearances, Ghostface Killah finally released his much anticipated solo album 'Ironman' in late 1996, which was not as good as the last 2 albums but was still impressive (as wu-tang always is) and it was the second most successful Wu-Tang album, second only to the second Wu-Tang Clan album which was released June 3rd 1997, it was confirmed as the most anticipated Hip-Hop album of all time, and it debuted at #1 is a number of different countries World-Wide including The United Kingdom & United States without hardly any promotion. It was also the first Enhanced Double CD in music history. 'Wu-Tang Forever' reunited the Clan's members and is possibly the best Hip-Hop group album since their first album was released in 1993.

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