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Sean Waltman
Height: 6'1"Weight: 215 LBS.
Hometown: Minneapolis, MNBirthday: July 13, 1972
Family: Wife, Terri; Kids, Jesse and Kaitlyn Debut: Summer 1993
Finishing Move: Buzzkiller (WCW) X-Factor (WWF)

Sean Waltman began his wrestling career in the PWA, an indy fed in his home state of Minnesota. His ring name was The Lightning Kid. While there he won the Light Heavyweight Championship twice, once in '90 and again in '91. His next move was to the GWF in Texas where he was over pretty well as a heel. Again using the name Lightning Kid, Sean was the first Light Heavyweight Champion in this fed. He won the tournament for this title on his nineteenth birthday. After losing the belt to Chaz Taylor, he regained it two months later.

In '92 Sean moved to Japan and competed there for several months. Upon his return he joined the WWF at the age of twenty. Wrestling in a few house shows, he was billed as The Cannonball Kid and The Lightning Kid. In his first televised match he appeared from the crowd to accept the challenge of Razor Ramon. The Bad Guy had come to the ring stating no wrestler in the building was worthy of a match with him, so he was offering the chance for a member of the audience to try to pin him. A young kid came forward, giving up a BIG size advantage to Razor. "No way can this Kid beat me 1-2-3!" WRONG! The Kid got the pin, the crowd went wild, and of course Razor was enraged.

As The 1-2-3 Kid, Sean was a babyface for quite awhile. He had a brief feud with Razor until Ramon's face turn, in which he rescued The Kid from a double team. At this time the two characters became good friends. The Kid teamed with Marty Janetty to win his first title in the WWF, beating The Quebecers. Later he again won the Tag Championship with Bob "Spark Plug" Holly. Both reigns were very brief. His heel turn came about during a match between Razor and Sid for the IC belt. The 1-2-3 Kid was the guest referee and prevented Ramon from executing the Razor's Edge which cost The Bad Guy the match. At this time it was revealed that The Kid was now a member of Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Corporation.

Over the years Sean had received several concussions and neck injuries. While taking time off to give his neck a chance to heal he was notified by Vince McMahon that his services were no longer needed. This explains his absence from the infamous Kayfabe incident. He was then signed by WCW where he was recruited by The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, to join the NWO Wolfpac. Supposedly, he was given the name Syxx because he was the sixth wrestler to join the stable. Others believe Syxx is a variation of his previous ring name...1+2+3=6. He gained the World Cruiserweight title in '97. Also he briefly feuded with Eddie Guerrero for the U.S. belt. His neck was broken during an altercation with "The Living Legend" Larry Zybysko; but Sean continued to work for six months with this injury. While at rehab after his surgery he received a letter from Eric Bischoff stating he was fired from WCW. Many fans question if this was an attempt on the part of Bischoff to show Nash and Hall that he held the power in the Atlanta fed.

In March of '98 Sean rejoined the WWF. On the RAW following WM 14 HHH was assuming leadership of DX. He introduced the newest member of The Army and Sean entered the arena to a huge pop. Billed as XPac, rumored to be a combination of dX and Wolf Pak to show unity between The Kliq across the Big Two, his remarks about Hogan and Bischoff that night are still quoted repeatedly among wrestling fans. In the past year Sean has held the European Championship twice; before it became a title of no significance and was then "retired" by Shane McMahon. He has had brief feuds with JJ (Hair vs. Hair match), D'Lo Brown, and Shane McMahon. He is believed to be the third member of The Kliq to take leadership of DX. This is assumed, but without comment from the NAO his status as leader is not clear. It is expected he will have a bitter feud with HHH because of the push both are receiving. It is also believed, by me, that Sean Waltman will soon be recognized as the greatest wrestler to ever compete in the squared circle due to his incredible skill, daring, and charisma

credit: Taylor Evans of The X-Pac Tribute

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