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X-Pac vs. The Dudley Boyz

Dudley Boyz

This is almost like the feud that almost was. Things were just starting to really starting to get real good between the Dudleyz and Kane and X-Pac after a few exciting matches. Kane and X-Pac went out for a tag match against the Dudleyz on October 28 on Smackdown. The match was going on like they normally do when X-Pac out of nowhere betrayed Kane and gave him an X-Factor.
This had all the makings of a great fued, but was destroyed when X-Pac betrayed his friend

A few singles matches took place leading up to Wrestlemania even though X-Pac wasn't directly involved with the Dudley's at WM 2000.

For some reason, this feud was restarted in May of 2000 before Judgement Day only this time, X-Pac teamed with Road Dogg instead of Kane and DX were the heels in the feud. DX had a tables match with the Dudley's at Judgement Day which they won.

Later that week, DX teamed up with T & A to take on the Dudley's and Too Cool in an 8-man tag that saw the Dudley's getting their revenge by 3-Ding X-Pac. On Smackdown when DX took on Undertaker to prevent UT from becoming No. 1 contender, the Dudley's interfered causing DX to lose thus continuing the feud. Rumored is another match at King of the Ring. On Smackdown two weeks before King of the Ring, DX and Edge and Christian beat down the Dudley Boyz. After the beating, the Dudleyz were stuffed into a dumpster and pushed off the stage setting up a handicap tables/dumpster match at KOTR.

At King of the Ring 2000, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Tori got the best of the Dudley's during the match, but after the match, X-Pac's girl got Buh-Buh bombed through a table.

This fued started up again in April of 2001,but this time, a lot more people were involved. X-Pac is now running with Justin Credible and Albert in X-Factor and Spike has joined the Dudley Boyz. The six guys had some brutal matches with both teams getting theirs. Things are just heating up between these two factions. A series of singles matches, tag matches, handicap matches and anything else you could think of, including a 6-man tag at Backlash, led up to one final (supposedly) match on Raw Is War on May 7, 2001 where the Dudley Boyz took a table match. Is it really over?

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