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Waltman Sound Bites

Theme Songs
123 Kid Theme
X-Pac ThemeLyrics
D-Generation X ThemeLyrics
nWo Theme
Kane/X-Pac ThemeLyrics
Kings/DX ThemeLyrics
Buzzkiller Theme

Entrance Videos
X-Pac Entrance DX Kings Video

Misc. .wavs
HHH and X-Pac
No old guys here
Hostage situation with WCW
A message for Hogan
L.O.D.'s Thumbs are where
What's for Breakfast?!?
Money, Money, Money, Money, Money
Sean always gives the facts
X-pac or Shamrock?!?
You can't say that on Heat, Sean
Had it with the bitch
Take Names while your kicking ass
No one can beat the champs
We used to be friends
Getting Kane to Speak
Deceiving a friend
Sorry Kane, your not DX material
Something else was burnt
Kane and Tori sitting in a tree....
I thought he could....
Real Audio
Remembering Owen

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