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X-Pac vs. The Undertaker


This feud started after the Undertaker chokelsamed X-Pac the week before Fully Loaded 1999. Kane didn't like that too much and turned his back on his brother. The next week at Fully Loaded, Undertaker chokeslammed X-Pac again when Pac came to Kane's aid during his match with The Big Show. After recieving a concussion from Taker, X-Pac had to claw his way through his match. The Undertaker was fighting Austin in the main event in a first blook match. X-Pac came out and gave Underatker a spinning heel kick into the chair he was holding. Undertaker ended up losing the match when Austin broke a camera over his head. Undertaker blamed X-Pac for the lose and the next night on Raw took it out on him sending him to the hospital. On Raw two weeks later, X-Pac came back with a vengance trying to take on UT and The Big Show by himself, but Kane and Road Dogg had to make the save.
The next chapter of this rivalry took place at Summer Slam '99 where UT and BS took the belts from Kane and X-pac

After Taker came back from his multiple injuries, he started a feud with not only X-Pac, but the whole McMahon-Helmsley Regime. X-Pac took most of the beatings along with Road Dogg.

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